LSS: Stars by Callalily

Another case of last song syndrome. This time again from another rising Pinoy band Callalily and their hit single ‘Stars’. When I first saw the video on Myx’s daily Top Ten I was hooked. Ade may hate for this but the song resurrected the emo boy inside me. πŸ˜‰

I love the looks, visuals and texture of the video. Music-wise, I think the drums on this track really rocks and is a good compliment to the soft yet angsty guitars. Music buffs may disagree but that’s what my ears heard. hehehe

Though the lyrics tend to be repetitive and the song has not much depth meaning-wise, unlike Kamikazee’s Narda, the song is still a great track for it hits you right where it hurts and it’s quite hard to resist being nostalgic about past relationships both good and not so good. Well enough of my blurbs, I share with you music video I picked up in YouTube and below are the lyrics from Pinoy Lyrics.

Update: I found this video footage of Callalily performing Stars live at the Mugen Bar way back in July 2006. This video captures the talents and potentials of this amazing Pinoy rock band. Their drummer, is a damn good one.

Stars by Callalily
A picture of you reminds me
how the years have gone
by so lonely
but why do you have to leave me


IÒ€ℒm saying I love you again
are you listening?
open your eyes once again
look at me crying


If only you could hear me shout your name
if only you could fell my love again
the stars in the sky will never be the same
if only you were here

[Verse, Pre-Chorus]
[Chorus, Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus except last line]

If only I had wings so I can fly
i wanna be with you for all of time
my love for you will never die
if only you could here me
shout your name
if only feel my love again
the stars in the sky will never
be the same
If only were here

Rock on! Mabuhay ang Pinoy music! \m/

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81 thoughts on “LSS: Stars by Callalily

  1. Just dropping by too say “HI and HELLO” to my three favorite crushes in this band(Kean,Tatsi,and most of all Aldred),but most of all I’m proud to say that your songs are the coolest songs that I’ve ever heard and it speaks to me clearly and it’s all meaningful too the listeners.

  2. sana mabasa nyo to my sister in law is an avvid fan of your band sadly she died last march20,2009…by a motoraccident…ang gusto nya lang eh makita kau ngaung wed. libing nya request nya laht nang classmate nya na pagnamatay cya lahat nakaitim na tshirt na may picture nyo.. hope kahit huli na mapagbigyan nyo kahit t-shirt na may muka ni kean, at autograph..plsss.sana mapagbigyan nyo 09095821441,09239050251 numbr ko plssssssssssssss………..ypn last wish ng sister in law ko

  3. Does anyone here knows the email address of kean and alden? I would appreciate if you can share it with me. Does calla lily have yahoogroups? can I join? thanks….

  4. ei guys nid help i need to contact the band callalily for bec we'll be hiring them for a birthday party concert please anyone knows their contact numbers? or even emailadd?please thanks

  5. hi kean,alden,tatsi,lemuel,and aaron kumusta na kayo? Wag kayo paka pagod ha! and pabayaan niyo lang yung mga nagcocomment sainyo ng masama! luv you kean!

  6. HI KEAN,alden,tatsi,lemuel,and aaron kumusta na kayo? sana naman pumunta kayo dito sa Albay magconcert kayo dito….. πŸ˜› πŸ˜† 😎 I LOVE YOU Calla Lily!!! ❗ ❗

  7. SOLID CALLALISTA AKO! Ng DAhil KaY KEAn KASI ANG guaPO NiYa NAkAbaLIw KaSi SIYa Eh….. Sobrang ASTIG nila Grabe!!!!!!!!! THEY REALLY ROCK MY WORLD πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


  9. hi deR!?… i juSt foUnd out… cUte pla ung mGa soNgs ng CALLALILY…sObra… laLo na ung inSanE… yan 2loY… naiinsan ako kay NOEMER ALDEN CABALLERO ACOSTA soBra…sHes so cUte… ➑ iTzmeeeH… LHAYZA


  11. ei guyz…wazzup…lam nyo ba kau ang pnakapaborito kong banda dahil sa gling nyo…i wish someday we were see u in person… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …lam mo ba kean crush ka ng mga classmates ko..pati na rin ako my crush din sa iyo 😳 …wish ko lan mbasa mo i2..

  12. haayyy….grabeh n toh!!!! 😳

    nkita koh cla s sm cnterpoint nung araw mismo ng b-day koh…destiny…serendipity…whatever u wanna call it guys…oh my god d feeling is sooo good!!! 😳

    c alden muntik koh nang batukan nung mkalapit akoh s knya….d koh kc alam n ganun pla cia ka-cute s personal…hahahahh!!!sna mkita kta ulit…nmimiss n kta…

  13. 😳

    hey dude!!!!i realy like your latest album!know what my tita and i like your band so much!i wish someday we wwere see you in person!!!just add me in my friendster and in my yahoo email when you read this nah!!!!!!!

    one of your fans,


  14. sana binasa ni sir kean ung sulat n binigay ko sa kanya sa ever gotesco commonwealth sana punta kayo ulit dun pag n labas n ung second album nyo love u poh………. πŸ˜€

  15. πŸ™„ elow sir a.k.l.a.t sana po wak po kayo paka pagod and msg ko lang sa mga nag cocoment sa kanila ng bad sabi nga ni sir kean if u dont like our music make ur own hahahahahah peace out! god bless

  16. da bezt tlaga kau callalily!!!!!!!!!!!!kau n ung bandang pinakamaling sa lhat wait ko na tlaga kau d2 sa LUCENA!!!!!!!!!i love CALLALILY & i love you KEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ang ganda ng video nyo ng pasan sana yakap naman ang gawin nyo ng video kahit ano song nyo callalily ang ganda talaga kayo ang favorite kong band wala ng iba i love you kean sana pumunta kayo dito sa liceo de pila laguna at sunstarmall sa laguna i luv you callalily

  18. hi kean ang pogi mo pala pag personal at maputi ka pala sana makita ko pakayo lima ni alden aaron tatsi lem kean crush kita i love you ang cute mo kean tatsi at aaron sana pumunta kayo sa liceo de pila laguna at sunstarmall sa laguna sana magkatotoo yun callalily sana promise yun ha pls pls pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i Ain't a RAKISTA eR' a PUNKISTA

    dUgOnG HiPhOp aQ . .

    bUt i dUnNo y i gO cRaZy oVeR KeAnN ? ?

    uNG vOcAliSt. . dEyM'n ! WiSh i cUd miT hiMm iN pErSoNn . .

    sNa mBsa NiA tOhH . . hAySz . .

    aDd Me uPp cHA RnsZtArR !

  20. hi!!!!!!i'm very proud sa inyo kean,alden, and tatsi ang cute nyong three sana makausap qu kayo sa personal i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!punks not dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. keep up the good work you have started!!! Malayo ang mararating nyo!!! Sana more album pa! Kean at Tatsi, Iam very proud of you! I like your MTVs

  22. keep up the good work you have started!!! Malayo ang mararating nyo!!! Sana more album pa! Kean at Tatsi, Iam very proud of you! I like you

  23. hi call lilly band!!!! your songs rock my world!!!!!!! i really like your songs !!!! i do hope that you will produce an album this year and im sure that will be a great hit!!! thankyou for the enjoyment that your songs giving me !!!!!!!

  24. magbalik cool yun >>> akala ko date// di sila emo >>> but that song hit me hard >>> experiance ba >> sakit tlaga pag ganun tol>>>for evers gone so lost just like us >>>

  25. aztEeg tlga caLLa LiLy..!!!!!!!

    the beST keo.!!

    guys., tanong lang.. anong name ng lead guitarist.?? alden o tatsi.??

    please..sana sagutin nio..


  26. hi……kean,tatsi,alden,aaron,lemuel…………luv u all lalu n kay kean…my god gwapohw tlaga n kean….and also kla tasi.alden,aaron, @ lemuel….

  27. I really like their songs, specially the stars. it's so beautiful and very-well made. the band has their unique way of singing and that's why i really admire them.

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