LSS: Gemini by Sponge Cola

Sponge ColaThe power of music, I just rediscovered my old Sponge Cola CD ‘Palabas’ in my old cabinet underneath the other old stuf or junk I’ve collected over the past two years. I definitely need to clean up my room with the detoxification team from the Centers for Disease Control to ensure that every nook and cranny of my room is cleaned.

Anyways, I popped the disc in my PC and played a few tracks until I remembered the great song ‘Gemini’ was in the CD (Duh!) so I skipped to it and put the track in repeat, because the song is so beatiful; the music, the guitar, the lyrics everything. The end result, I’m having another bad case of LSS or last song syndrome.

So without further delay, I share with you Sponge Cola’s ‘Gemini’ via youtube and I must say that this video is also just brilliant!

To complete the sing-a-long karaoke feel below are the lyrics:

Come a little closer
Flicker in flight
We’ll have about an inch space
But I’m here I can breathe in
What you breathe out

Let me know if I’m doing this right
Let me know if my grip’s too tight
Let me know if I can stay all of my life
Let me know if dreams can come true
Let me know if this one’s yours too

‘Cause I see it
And I feel it
Right here
And I feel you right here

The vacuous night
Steps aside to give meaning
To Gemini’s dreaming
The moon on it’s back
And the seemingly
Veiled room’s lit
By the same star

And I feel it right here
And I feel you right here

Enjoy! 😀

16 Replies to “LSS: Gemini by Sponge Cola”

  1. ang gwapo mo talaga yael sobra naiinlove na me sau.. sayang ang dami na kasing nagaadmire sau eh….grabe…ang bait bait mo na talaga …sana akin ka nalang

  2. talaga ang galing ng sponge cola lalo na c yael ang galing nya mag perform …sobra alive na alive c yael kong kumanta sulit talaga ung boses nya .. ala na tatalo sa kanya yael lang talaga ang astig para samin he…he…he..

  3. yeah Spongecola rocks!
    i begin to love them since I saw Gemini’s video.
    really cool, kla ko nga OST.
    anyone who has the mp3 version? i mean ung may narration and other spoken lines like “u kiss by the book”
    waaaahhhhh help! gusto ko tlaga nun!


  4. hayy naku la meng masabi tungkol sa spongecola lalo na kay yael… everytime i see him and listem to tehre music parang nararamdaman kong kasama ko siya… i think im crazy in love with u mr. yael yanson…

  5. 😐 :mrgreen: grbe i lyk gemini tal;aga… super d best! alam mo ba naloloka naku nun una ko marinig ang gemini… hinanap ko talaga cino kumanta… dahil memorable kc yung music na yan pauwi me iloilo…

  6. btw… baka pwede ko naman makilala yung vocal juz want to know sumting bout the music personally if that rily ok wid him… if not ppo ill be fyn but stil hoping we could along naman kahit friendster… this is my e ad: its

    tnx… am hopinh makakchat on ko sya… depend s inyo… take care nalang lagi…

  7. hi yael… kulit ko talaga noh… once u read diz staff hapy naku. lyk wat oders fil the staff u sing, especially gemini, ders sumting kc about the music its lyk a plant in mah head. yael ryt? kip it up lang sa mga songs moo kc u myyt never know db?…ngaun palang e ok na ok na sa mga fipol tong mga songs mo… juz wana be ur friend. hay nkau dami na nagkakagusto sau… ikaw kc! me ciguro? yah i do rily lyk u but i guess sa dreams nalang. bazta ingat lagi den be happy bsa lyf…

  8. hi yael…..know what?gustong-gusto tlga in….ako yata yung #1 fan moh.!!!!happy n ako pag nbasa mo 2..take care!!!!

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