Looking for Art?

Ever since I was a young boy, I had nothing but profound respect for visual artists. Those who could paint, draw, mix and match colors, shapes, textures and stuff on canvass, paper or even the wall. I envy them most of the time because I wasn’t gifted with such talents and skills with the brush, pen, paint and oil pastels.

I did tried to get better at it but I guess it really boils down to whether you have the gift or not. That didn’t stop me from enjoying and loving art. It made me into an ardent fan, a follower and a patron.

My taste for art ranged from classical portraits of Victorian times up to the modern art forms like those of Picasso, and Van Goh and to the works of the other lesser known yet equally talented and gifted artists of our times.

Too bad I don’t have the riches to buy works of art, I haven’t even bought my very first portrait or sketch yet. But it doesn’t stop me from admiring and continually applauding the creative minds behind each work.

For those who do have the money to spare or set aside for collecting great pieces of modern art, perhaps George Lindemann Jr could be of help.

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