Looking for a new social bookmarking tool

In my effort to get back my blogging mojo, I re-opened my Del.icoi.us account to see if the service is still alive so that I can start using it again to save the links that I find interesting and useful for later on. Seeing that the service has become a shell of its former glory back when social media primarily meant blogs and blogging and Facebook was just a rising star, it dawned on me that I need a new or a different bookmarking service. Googling for it reminded me of Google Bookmarks (duh!) being a Google fan, it would be easy to dump Del.icio.us and fall back to this one. But this list of social bookmarking sites drew my attention to Pinterest. Knowing it’s the most popular service in this niche and how it has replaced Del.icio.us in the “social bookmarks” plugins nowadays, it’s a better option than Google Bookmarks. I’ll give it a spin for a couple of weeks and see if it will grow on me or how it will fit in with my blogging routine.

Oh and Del.icio.us is so like a zombie it can’t even export your bookmarks anymore.

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