Looking back on 2007: Top posts, events and lessons learned

CalendarThis is the very first time I’ll be doing a sort of year-ender post so expect this one to be a bit disorganized and lengthy. None the less, this trip down memory lane would be fun and dare I say, nostalgic.

2007 is one for the record books as the year has been marked by events that sent waves that rippled not only throughout the internet and the blogosphere but also on the Earth’s crust, literally.

January’s Earth-shaker

Remember the Taiwan Earthquake? Yep, it was the first major topic for 2007 even though it struck in December of 2006, particularly in the Philippine and Asian blogosphere because it crippled the internet networks in the entire region for months. It even revealed how crappy Globelines broadband services are as I’ll mention later on, 2007 is a memorable year for me and my relationship with Globelines.

On a happier note, it was in January that WordPress 2.1 codenamed “Ella” was released. It was in this version that the autosave feature was introduced as well as support for spell checking in the visual editor.

Before the release of WP 2.1, the first-ever BlogParteeh 07 took place and I finally got to meet some of my fellow bloggers whom I first ‘met’ through blogging. I went home with lots of goodies like a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, a coffee mug from GMA TV and many more.

Cold and lonely February? Not!

February wasn’t that productive for me as I only managed to post 8 entries that month! It was the height of the student elections in DLSU-D and since I was the leader of one of the political parties who joined, it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Still, I managed to post about Globe’s rates rehash of its popular unlimited SMS services which sparked the not-so-successful(?) ‘Globe Rebellion’ – a boycott of the telco’s services. On the other hand, it was during this month in which Google sent us an awesome Valentine gift as it finally opened Gmail for public signup. Woot!

March for Callalily

If February was a bit dull, March of 2007 was quite a handful at I started it with the now most popular post in this blog, the video + lyrics of Callalily’s hit single, Magbalik. As of this writing, that post has received 49,000+ page views and 256 comments giving it a PR rating of 2. Unbelievable. Solid testimony to how Pinoys use the internet to satisfy their craving for music.

Another hallmark of March was my brave attempt at writing a series about the first Philippine Blog Awards’ list of Finalists. The series was well received and was going well until Globelines screwed me over. On the bright side, it made me realize that this is the kind of content I should be making regularly, good posts that give out healthy doses of link loves to fellow bloggers.

Bloody April

April was a typical blogging month for me. Though I opened it with a powerful statement. I hate Globelines broadband. I was not alone though, many more came to that post and shared their stories about their experience, good and mostly bad about the Ayala-owned ISP. With valuable lessons learned, the best thing to do was to move on for there are better things that needed attention, time and bandwidth.

April too, saw another great event in the blogging world as WordPress came very close to sporting a built-in tagging system. However, with deadlines fast approaching at that time and the WP team not happy with releasing a sloppy, half-baked upgrade to our beloved blogging software, they delayed the release of WP 2.2 in order to give more time for the development of the native tagging system which pushed its implementation to WP 2.3, instead they focused on fine-tuning support for widgets.

Offline in the real world, tragedy struck again as Seung Cho went on a mad shooting spree in his school, Virginia Tech University. This particular school shooting was given quite the attention all thanks to blogging and the internet.

I started April hating Globelines broadband, they thought to end it by putting a smile on face when they gave me a new broadband router. I also thought that this would bring back a smile on my face whenever I would hear the words “Globe broadband” unfortunately it has not. Just yesterday, a technician gave me a call to check on my connection for the day before, I called up Customer service to request for an on-site visit for again, my connection has been crappy this past week. So far, things have gone back to normal speeds. Can’t help but think that this will go downhill and crappy again after three months as it is the trend with this Globe. Their repair services or equipments are good only for that span of time. Ang lakas nilang mang perwisyo no?

My, my…2007 is indeed a year forever etched in memory lane. Well this is just a run-down of the first four months.

So yes, this is a series and part two will be coming out tomorrow wherein I guide you through the months of May until August of 2007. By the looks of it, things will just pick up in excitement and nostalgia.

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