Longing for the Windy City

The semestral break is almost over and pretty, though the new semester may come through, Christmas break is not that far behind. With that in mind, childhood dreams of mine sometimes come back from deep inside my memories.

Among them is paying a visit to my relatives living in Chicago, Illinois and spend my vacation with them. Most of relatives are already living in ‘the windy city’ ever since my grandparents migrated to the US long before I was born. They settled there, found a very good living and have lived the ‘American dream’ – to a modest level at most. Still, it was enough to support us who were still here in the Philippines.

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder that twenty one years of being continents apart would’ve done something profound to our families. It’s a long time and this I could clearly see in my grandparents’ faces in the pictures they send, usually sometime after Christmas.

Time and gravity has shaped and molded the faces of beloved and hardworking grandparents. Lines, some deep, some barely visible criss-cross their faces like the Colorado river makes its way to the Pacific carving out the Grand Canyon. Thankfully there’s facelift Chicago and the Grand Canyon has stayed down south and not replicated itself on my grandmother’s face.

I still long to spend some time with them. I still long to see the Grand Canyon and the ‘windy city.’ I just hope manage to get these done before time catches up to me.

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