Long & short plaster – Band-aid in a dispenser

When I was a kid, I often had small cuts and wounds on my knees whenever I stumble and fall down on the ground. The pain and agony are quickly relieved by the application of the good’ol Band-aid. My personal favorite were the brightly colored type especially the blue one.

Unfortunately though, there were times that my wounds were too long or too wide to be sufficiently covered by the plaster. I’m sure you’ve had the same problem too.

Designers Miyeon Kim & Hoyoung Lee had come up with an interesting design to deal with this problem. Introducing their “Long & short plaster” that comes in a dispenser that looks and works like your average tape dispenser.

Pretty neat if you ask me. Though I just remembered one thing, long cuts rarely form on a straight line. So that leaves out the idea of putting on one long strip of plaster. But hey, kudos to the designers. What do you guys think?


Would we see feminine pads dispensed in a similar manner and device soon? 😉

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