Long live Cory Aquino – President of a Free People

President Corazon Aquino
President Corazon Aquino
The news of President Cory Aquino’s death came to me via a text message from a good friend and fellow volunteer. I received it yesterday morning at around six o’clock, just as the rain has continued to pour steadily from the dark heavens. It seems that the mother nature has joined the Filipino nation in mourning the loss of one of its most loved leaders.
As I’ve posted on my Facebook account, I cannot help but feel hurt and sad by the news of Cory Aquino’s passing away. And this is on the first day of the month in which we commemorate her beloved husband’s assassination which started a national movement and culminated into what we call “People Power” that swept away the Marcos dictatorship.

I felt hurt because one of the few remaining national symbols of a moral force for governance, hope and democracy has left us, yet evil men and a midget in the Palace still remains in power.

President Cory Aquino may not be a lawyer (though she studied to become one), an economist, a military professional or a seasoned politician when she became President, but we owe so much to her because she stood as a symbol of hope and courage for us all during one of the darkest moments in our nation’s history.

She helped us muster the courage to break out of comfort zones, our passivity and fight with courage, dignity, faith and decency a dictatorship that has made plunged our country into darkness and misery. She helped us show the world what the Filipino can do to restore democracy despite the threats, dangers and sacrifices inherent in such a noble cause.

True President Cory Aquino was not the best leader our country has had, but by answering the call of the people, forging on despite the loss and continuing the struggle her husband has started, she truly deserves respect, admiration, adoration and the homage of us Filipinos and the world.

For everything you have done for our country and for our countrymen, I thank you President Cory Aquino. We would always remember you, forever be grateful to you. And for as long as the need to protect democracy exists and the need to serve our nation calls on us, we shall be there to answer it.

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