Lessons learned from GMA

Since I mentioned about education rights in my previous entry last night, and after reading Schumey’s post in which he asks, is it an Omen of things to come? I cannot help but recall and share the nice little group chat (offline) I had with Sir Yuri, Marx, and a couple of SERVE volunteers yesterday morning at school.

SONABeing in the advocacy committee of the Lasallian volunteers, we were thinking about what activities to hold in anticipation and response the forth coming State of the Nation Address or SONA of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo this July 24th. There were ideas that floated around the group but died down because it will not prosper and from our past experience here in De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, it has been of little to no effectiveness. That idea was to gather the Lasallian students in a large hall and listen to the broadcast of GMA’s SONA. Sounds good?

Nah! It wasn’t good enough. Sure the students would be able to hear GMA’s lies coded into the SONA but then after that ‘now what?’ Knowing that the Lasallian students in Dasmariñas are the perfect embodiment of passivity and apathy (hurtful, but true) the activity proposed would not serve our objectives, which is to steer the students into pro-active participation in social issues, and would only be a waste of time. We would also be lucky if the students would really pay attention and listen in to the SONA otherwise they would just wait for the activity to be over while cursing us, the organizers, for locking them up in the auditorium and forcing them to listen to something they have totally no interest in.

So with that idea dead and scrapped, we scratched our heads scouring our minds for a better idea. So far, the most feasible one we’ve been able to come-up with yesterday was to ask the different college councils and the University Student Council to come up with their own version of the ‘State of the Nation Address’ written according to their own observations even research about what they think is the true state of our country in GMA’s times. There’s no need to force every student to listen to GMA’s damned voice but instead this approach lets the students’ voice to be heard. It’s something that is proactive, democratic and a good test to see how socially aware our elected student leaders are in DLSU-D. Otherwise, it seems that the clamor for the national leadership to step down would be echoed in the La Salle Dasmariñas’ campus, a microcosm of the Philippine society.

Since there were no other ideas that surfaced during that frantic search for a better one, our conversation moved into its usual stage of fooling around and making, often satiristic jokes and remarks both about the national government and the student council even the University’s administration.

One of us mused that we should instead support GMA because everything she has been doing is right and correct. Like Arroyo, we should be happy that the Filipino family is being torn apart thanks to the flight of our workers to find employment abroad, leaving behind their families. It’s okay, it’s alright, they do send in billions worth of dollar remittances every year that keeps our economy from taking its last breath. Never mind again, the fact that the Filipino family is being destroyed and its concept diluted and corrupted by imperialist, globalised economic policies.

Pope BeanAgain, we should support Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in her moves to stifle the efforts in ferreting out the truth about the alleged election cheating and corruption by her administration and conceding to her ideas that: 1) there is no other alternative to her when it comes to leading this nation, 2) this is a moral issue and morality would not put food in your tables, only the bitter and bigger sacrifices of your loved ones whom GMA has driven away out of our country, and finally, which is the bombshell of it all 3) ‘God put me here.’

Add to this the following recent points; 4) those who are against Arroyo’s administration are also against the peaceful life of the nation, 5) if anyone is to bring the issue of morality again, just ask the Bishops whom had just been blessed with envelopes from the Palace, about what is moral and immoral, 6) the economy is doing good, our GDP and GNP have risen-kuno, and our unemployment rate has gone down significantly (huwat?!). Truth is, the reason this is such because the government has excluded those who have actively stopped seeking employment or applying for a job (yung mga sumuko na dahil hindi talaga makahanap ng trabaho at hindi naman makaalis ng bansa) from the unemployment statistics.

stewieHowever, the most relevant and heart-felt point we shared yesterday was the realisation that in order for anyone to get their desires, needs and wishes granted by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s administration, they have to break free and rebel, even revolt against her. Hasn’t anyone noticed that ever since the Oakwood mutiny up to the threat of a coup, the Armed forces has been constantly showered with gifts, bonuses, budget increases, excuses from Senatorial hearings even the license to kill everyone they consider to be Left of Center.

Just recently, without even requesting for it, the military have just been given an extra Php 1 Billion for the their war-effort against the Communists in the countryside, (well goodluck with that), of course the 1 Billion is not purely for buying ammunitions and weapons and stuf, it will also be used for the housing projects of the soldiers (young footsoldiers in fact).

edukasyonIt is in this realization that we have come up with a rather radical, yet fun solution to help the education department get its badly needed budget increase without the stingy words from the President. The solution is to stage massive protests in schools and universities, class walkouts, noise barrages even the closing down of schools and colleges altogether. Never mind petitions, appeals and tearful attendance during budget hearings because it doesn’t work anymore, not with GMA that is. She wants action, she wants people directly calling out to her with their needs, often in violent and even dangerous means.

The military got away with it, I wonder if the education sector could.

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  1. re: working abroad, kung talagang di maiwasan ng iba na matrabaho sa labas ng bansa, i suggest sama ang family para di magkawatak-watak lalo na yung asawa at anak na menor pa ang edad.

    daming dapat ayusin sa bansa natin no?

  2. Working abroad is easier when you're young and single, but married with children, I can't imagine how lonesome it could be for the OFW.

    I've also met some in NY who were able to bring their entire family, but later on in life, when ready to go back to the Philippines, the children had fully assimilated into the American culture that they didn't want to return. The parents had no choice but abandon their lifelong desire to come home to stay with their grown-up kids. Such is the quandry of leaving one's homeland to earn a decent living.

  3. What I meant was the parents had no choice but abandon their plans to return to the Philippines because now they are drawn to remain with their Americanized children just to keep the family together.

  4. im not really against the Arroyo Administration.. ayoko lang ung pinapalabas nya na OK ang bansa pro di naman.. bumaba ang unemployment rate? talaga? eh bakit marami pa ring naghihirap na pamilya? medyo nainis din ako nung sinabi nyang walang problema sa mga eskwelahan.. pero ang lumalabas sa balita ay mga paaralang sira-sira ang mga silid-aralan.. at bakit nga naman pinapaburan ang military? para di magaklas? tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

    ok na pangulo si Arroyo, pero bakit kontra lahat ng sinasabi nya sa nangyayari sa bansa?!

  5. Hello guys! 4 days na akong blog absent, lumalaban pa rin sa trangkaso (flu) kaya ngayon lang uli naka-online. Be back very very soon. 😀

  6. i don't feel the need to work abroad… i still have faith in the country despite our corrupt leaders and thankfully, i'm still happy and contented to be here… i'd be forced maybe if there really such need…

  7. i dont think SONA is such a waste of time but rather entertaining to such extent na nakalimutan kong kumain ng sandali sa buhay ko… at muntik na akong magka-heart attack in anticipation. Parang ginebra humahabol sa winning team tapos last 2 minutes na. In the end, talo pa rin. yung ganung feeling. Parang ganito bansa natin eh. parang ginebra…huhuh :mrgreen:

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