Lenovo to come out with Android tablet by year-end

The search for a serious iPad competitor is still on. Lenovo thinks it can come up with a device that could do just that.

They’ve just made an announcement that by the end of 2010, they will come out with the Lepad – their first Android-powered tablet device. Engadget sees this as a revival of Lenovo’s Skylight / U1 Hybrid R&D effort.

Which is not a bad idea. It would be such a shame to just completely dump the project. Rehashing it with a new chip and running Android on it will not only cut down the costs and give it decent if not a solid performance, it could very well be in a position to go head to head with Apple’s iPad.

And to give the Lepad a head start, or possibly to recoup initial costs, Lenovo aims to target China with it, seizing on the fact that it has been ignored by Steve Jobs.

Well hopefully Lenovo will also release the Lepad in the Philippines. And hopefully it would much affordable than the iPad.

Photo by masatsu

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