Lasallian Festival 2008: Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama

Lasallian Festival

Next week, from January 23-25, 2008 DLSU-D will once again celebrate the Lasallian Festival. Three days of fun-filled and exciting activities that are aimed to celebrate what it is to be a Lasallian.

Asides, it’s three days of fun and everyone is allowed to come to campus in civilian clothes. So expect Lasallians to strut their latest and hippest jeans, shoes, tank-tops and other apparel. I bet some would be wearing the fruits of their Christmas seasons’ gift and shopping madness. A few reservations I have because right after the Festival, comes the Mid-Term exams, meaning those who still haven’t paid their tuition fees for the past term would have to slug it out again for that badly-needed tool-of-oppression that we formally call the exam permit. More on this on another post.

Going back, the Lasallian Festival evolved from the Lasallian Days wherein we celebrate the University Foundation days. I forgot the real reason as to why the celebrations were re-named into Lasallian Festival but it does the trick and befits the scale and level of celebrations that take place during this event.

To further explain this year’s theme, I have blatantly copied share with you the briefing and explanation of this year’s theme and logo design.

Let us be one with the community as we come together this Lasallian Festival 2008. A line up of amazing activities is specially organized by colleges and student organizations. With this year’s theme “ Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama, ” students, faculty, administrators, and staff join forces to offer some cherished yearly events with a twist and fresh and thrilling concepts for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

Celebrate with your fellow Lasallians this January 23,24 and 25!

The Logo

Bayanihan, the spirit of communal unity and effort to achieve a common goal, has been with Filipinos for centuries.

The different La Salle institutions in the country are working towards One La Salle which would generate greater and more creative synergy among Lasallian schools and improve the overall quality of Lasallian education in the country.

Not losing the trait passed on by our ancestors and driving on the road towards a One La Salle, the Lasallian Festival 2008 theme “Kayang-kaya kung sama-sama,” reflects the essence of Bayanihan and the mission of One La Salle in its every objective, activity, and event. It is further supported by the seven characters in the logo, signifying the University’s colleges of Liberal Arts, Engineering, Architecture and Technology, Business Administration, Law Enforcement Administration and Public Safety, Education, International Hospitality Management, and Science.

With every member of the community contributing and helping in this endeavor, we, as Lasallians, will create more possibilities for every person, whoever he may be.

So once again, yours truly would be more than the busy bee as I help the SERVE Volunteers and the University Student Council in preparing their activities for the Festival. There are rumors that La Salle Greenhills Alumni Gary Valenciano will come and perform on the last day of the Festival at the newly re-named DLSU-D Gym, Ugnayang La Salle. Aside from that, there will be a Battle of the Bands courtesy of the College of Liberal Arts Student Council on the 2nd day, January 24. Mannequin will be joining the contest as well as Propaganda. Two of the best bands in DLSU-D. What’s more exciting about this is that the contest will be held on the day of “Open Campus” which means non-DLSU-D visitors could come and join in the celebrations. They have to bring IDs for security purposes but it will be worth the trouble.

As for me, I’ll be speaking at the Lasallian Forum on January 23, 2008 on the topic of the Vocation of being a Lasallian Youth. An honor and a daunting task as honestly, I’m still clueless as to what to say at the forum. The organizers may hate for this but I have a few qualms about the topic, because if one were to think about it, is being a Lasallian Youth really a vocation? If we go by what the word ‘vocation’ means I’m sure those in the know or familiar with the word would understand my dilemma. It’s a good thing though that I’ve done some research and have already prepared to address this issue. I’ll share about it after speaking at the forum because hey, I don’t want to spoil my little moment of glory. lolz

There are a lot of other great activities lined up for the Festival. Plus there will be a trade fair where goodies and lots and lots of good food would be up for grabs! Already, the Lasallian Festival is something we are definitely looking forward too. I just hope that professors would not spoil the fun by not allowing their students to attend the activities as alternative classes and instead give out quizzes and projects. Please naman, maki-saya na lang muna kayo. 😀

Lastly, the University Student Council has a bombshell of a surprise for the Lasallian community come the Lasallian Festival; watch out for it! 😀

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