Laptop Accessory: Bluetooth USB adaptor

Though the Compaq c765TU is a good laptop with mid-range specs it doesn’t come with a few bonus features that extend the mobility and utility of the portable computer.

Bluetooth USB AdaptorSuch feature is a built-in Bluetooth capability which you can normally find in high-end laptops with higher price tags. Though Bluetooth capability is not that essential today, it will be in the very near future as more and more development in communication technology is pushed towards the mobile platform like cell phones and PDAs. Though some would argue that the PDAs days are now numbered because of the increasing power of mobile phones in which the latter is being integrated in to the former. Any one care for a Nokia E-series or the Sony Ericsson P1?

Of course the portable computer would still be around. The trend today are those ultra-portables or UMPCs like the iconic Asus Eee PC and it’s various competitors. So the gap between the notebook computer and the mobile phone must be bridged. Sure there are cables but these are clumsy, bulky and so yesteryear’s trend. Today It’s wireless connectivity baby!

Okay, enough keyword-rich blogging and let’s get straight to the point. Buying a laptop is like buying a new car. You will eventually buy accessories for it that will enhance the performance or boost it’s “oomph!” factor.

Though I lean towards usability even if it means sacrificing some aesthetics, I try to find accessories that has a good balance of both.

My Compaq c765TU laptop is, over-all, a pretty decent portable with respectable specs.

I use a Sony Ericsson K800i as my de facto point-and-shoot camera for blogging and taking occasional videos. It can also function as a modem for me to connect to the internet over the air.


The Compaq c765TU doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth device that allows me wirelessly connect the K800 for file transfers or using it as a modem.

I don’t like to use the phone’s cable because one; it will take up another USB port on my laptop, and second; it’s clumsy, bulky and I don’t want another cable to clutter my workspace.

The solution:

A Bluetooth USB Adaptor

Bluetooth adaptor connectedBought this for roughly Php800.00 at Octagon Computers in SM Dasmariñas last May and it’s made by Toshiba though it’s not branded as such.

It’s quite simple to use and operate, just pop-in the installer disk for the device software and driver then plugin the device itself on one of the USB ports and viola! My laptop is now Bluetooth capable allowing me to wirelessly transfer files mostly photos, from my phone for a quick editing then using it to compliment my blog posts.

It’s a Bluetooth Class 1 device which gives me a range of up to 100m (328 ft.) with it I can do the following:

  • Synchronize data between my mobile phone and laptop
  • Connect to an office or home network if it has a Bluetooth access point
  • Connect to my mobile phone and use it as a modem for internet access
  • Portable wireless file transfer to any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

I’ve done most of the things above save for two things; connect to a network that has a Bluetooth access point and lastly, use my phone as a modem for web access. Since I’m in the provinces the latter would next to impossible to do so I’m now working on how to setup my K800i phone to function as a modem and finally try out Globe’s 3G/HSDPA internet services. And that would be another blog post for another day.

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    1. Good question Lyle. My problem is that my phone's memory stick is the tiny Memory Stick Micro M2 while my laptop's card reader only supports the larger-sized Memory Stick PRO.

      Unfortunately, the USB adapter doesn't support A2DP. But I can use it to connect to my SE K800i and use the phone as modem. Though I have yet to try it. 😆

  1. still like working with wired accessories, haven't tried any bluetooth connected accessories.

    worried that the quality is not good as wired, also considering the price tag.

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