Kyolo – Add speech bubbles to your photos

Every time I need to edit a photo for a blog post like adding speech bubbles, Photoshop needs to be fired up. This takes up considerable amount of time and system resources especially when ideas are so fragile during “eureka!” moments or when my notebook is already running 5+ windows of Firefox each having a minimum of 8 tabs open, the entire pre-editing process nearly kills the creative flow.

Kyolo Speech bubble creatorSure there are other image editors out there which are far lighter and easier to use than Photoshop but wouldn’t it be nice to have one that doesn’t require any piece of software to be installed on your machine and just be used with a web browser instead?

Enter Kyolo, a web 2.0 site where anyone can freely upload the image of their choice and simply put in their speech bubbles as easy as putting on some underwear.

Speech bubbles could be re-sized, changed its style and placed anywhere in the image. The same goes the fonts you’d use in your speech bubble. Once you’re satisfied with your creation click outside the image and your photo is done! You also have the option of saving the save the image on Kyolo and you’d be offered direct ways to email it to your friends to brighten their days.

Kyolo is also a social-networking site where users can open an account and store their creations in private or public photos for the whole world to share and enjoy. We just to make sure we own or we have the rights to use and edit the images of our choosing, otherwise things wouldn’t be so rosy afterward.

Over-all, bloggers and editors who love spicing up their posts or commentaries with images of their fave or subject politician or pet would love Kyolo. Let’s start bubbling away!

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