Krispy Kreme donuts could give you a heart attack?

One of the good things to do this Christmas season is to indulge in our guilty pleasures. Food is among the top of the list.

To our predicament, most of the food that we like pig-out on this holiday season are not that healthy for us. Chocolates, ice cream, fine meat, candies and donuts.

Speaking of donuts, I must confess that I myself am fond of donuts. Amongst bloggers who live life a little more posh than the rest of those in the middle class, we’ve become addicted to international-brands like Krispy Kreme.

I recall the blogger parties and meet-ups of last 2007 where Krispy Kreme giveaways were almost a constant feature. And boy did we bloggers love those Krispy Kreme donuts!

Krispy KremeFrom time to time, Manila-based bloggers would tell tales of their sweet love affair with those delicious donuts from Krispy Kreme. I recall though that some that are in the same age as my parents, have cautioned themselves on having too many donuts. Mostly, those concerns are about the sugar content of the donuts and the possibility of contracting diabetes as a result of too much indulgence.

However, there is another health concern Krispy Kreme lovers must know. The purported increased risk of heart disease because those scrumptious donuts produced by the local Krispy Kreme may have high levels of trans fat.

Foreign news wires at the weekend said a consumer watchdog in Hong Kong had found that a Krispy Kreme donut there contained 4.7 grams of trans fats, which have been linked to coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

The level is higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended daily intake of 2.2 grams.

The report said only South Korea is trans fat-free among Krispy Kreme’s outlets in the Asia-Pacific.

Yes, those heart-disease inducing unsaturated fats that have been identified to increase the levels of bad cholesterol in our blood. And we all know what that means.

Fortunately, the local Krispy Kreme outfit is doing something to address this concern. That is to use ingredients that have low levels or contain no trans fat at all. Kudos to them! We wouldn’t want to read about a blogger (or someone else) who passed away due to a heart attack because of having too many Krispy Kreme donuts now, do we?

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