Kontera In-text Ads can’t be run with AdSense (Updated)

I’ve been running the fancy In-text ads by Kontera since last month and I must say that the ads can be quite effective since they are right inside the content/posts on my blog, the prime hot spot for ads. The ads that pop-out like clouds from the double-underlined words bring in really relevant and targeted ads to the readers.

Right now I’m quite pleased with the results I’m getting with In-text Ads despite the low (as of the moment) traffics on this site, however, in the back of my mind I was quite concerned whether it was completely okay to run the In-text Ads by Kontera along side with Google’s AdSense. The facts that Pinoy problogger Abe Olandres of Yugatech.com has just recently implemented In-text ads in his blog and his comment that it’s okay to run it alongside AdSense gave me some assurance.

But just to make sure of things, I decided to e-mail the AdSense team two days ago and asked if I could run Kontera’s In-text Ads alongside with Google AdSense. I recieved their response last night and it has confirmed the worst. The answer of the AdSense team to my concern was crystal clear:

According to our program policies, Kontera ads may not be displayed on the same page as Google ads on your site. However, you are welcome to display those ads on pages of your site that do not include Google ads.

So there you have it folks. Contrary to what I and Sir Abe believed, Kontera’s In-text ads cannot be run on the same page as Google’s AdSense. So now I have a little dilemma. I want to keep both AdSense and In-text ads running on my blog because I do earn something from both of them, but now I have to make a decision that I find a little difficult: ‘Which ad system to dump or relocate to other parts of my blog?’

In my mind played the following thoughts and scenarios that helped me arrive at a decision.

    1.) Remove the AdSense ads and rely on the AdBrite + In-text ads combo from now on. This one is taking quite a risk I thought. Since my blog is still very very young and traffic and popularity is still quite low, the chances of landing an advertiser via AdBrite is slim and next to nothing. The In-text ads may rake in some clicks, but I still have second thoughts about ads that pop-up or pop-out.

    2.) Remove the In-text Ads, cancel my account with Kontera and stick to the AdSense + AdBrite combo, and the Linkshare affliates of course, to monetize this site and help along with my online expenses (such as paying for my lsjp.org site). It means that I have to keep on learning about ads and seo optimization to increase my earnings and this blog’s ratings.

    3.) Relocate the In-text ads to the index page and remove the single link ad unit by AdSense located there. With this, I get to keep both ad systems but again, I’m having second thoughts that the pop-up nature of In-text ads may annoy visitors and readers away from my index page. Then again this concern is somehow overshadowed by the fact that most of my current traffic comes in via RSS and organic search results which by-passes the index page as they are taken directly to the individual posts in this blog. In this context, the potential of earning more from In-text ads would decrese because of the abovementioned phenomenon.

Like I often say, ‘decisions…decisions…decisions.’ Alas, I did arrived at a decision and I chose to go for the third option of relocating the In-text ads to the index page, I just have to take the risks and bear with the percieved consequences. Or, I’m thinking positive now, since the In-text ads are quite effective, they may even prove even more effective and efficient because it has the index page all to its self. On this note, I leave things as they are now; AdSense inside the blog posts while In-text out on the index page, cross my fingers and hope for the best.


I recieved the Google AdSense Team’s reply to my second inquiry which contained the additional information given by Sir Abe (Yuga) regarding the sites that run Kontera In-text Ads and Google Ads on the same page and the supposed assurance from the Kontera Representatives that the two ads system could be run on the same page. Again, the message from the AdSense team is as clear as a bell. Here’s the portion of their e-mail that says it all:

Regardless of what representatives at
Kontera may tell publishers, AdSense program policies do not currently
permit publishers to display both AdSense ads and Kontera ads on the same

There you have it, no In-text Ads and Google Ads on the same page people. So clean up before you get banned from AdSense but you’re willing to take it and switch to Kontera for your monetization needs. Tough competition isn’t it?

Lastly, I recommend everyone who reads this article to also read Dave Starr’s comment below, it brilliantly summarises what needs to be said and done regarding this issue.

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  1. @ eric: You could also implement advertising systems in Blogger since you’re free to modify your templates. I know I’m not an expert at site monetization and all but I’m glad sharing my experience/explorations tru blogging is helping out my fellow bloggers especially Pinoys. Good luck to us all.

    @ yuga: I was also confused but I didn’t mentioned it in my post. The first site that I saw that runs In-text ads and Adsense in the same page is http://www.sciencedaily.com

    So, I’ll ask the AdSense team again this time with the information you gave Sir Abe. I greatly appreciate it. Honestly, I feel bad not being able to run the two ads system alongside each other, because I kinda like them both.

    Will post updates as soon as I hear from the AdSense team again.

  2. These are all foreign to me since I have an ad-free site, but appreciate it as well. I plan to do a major make-over, if you will, of my site soon and knowing of information such as this will come in handy.

    Good luck with your explorations and please keep us all updated.

    Thanks for your post.

  3. I was wondering why Abe didn't respond to my question on this on Yugatech … I see the discussion has moved here. The message from Google seems pretty clear. Likewise the Google ToS is pretty explicit. Competing contextual ads may not be displayed on the the same page. A simple definition of contextual is a ad whose subject matter is dynamically selected based on key words on the page … which is exactly how Google AdSense ads work and exactly how Kontera explains their ad working.

    Now from a technical standpoint Kontera ads could easily be made Google-compatible, if they followed the practice used by say Chitika. Chitika eMinimalls are, by default, contextual. But the publisher can instead substitute keywords manually, doing away with Chitika's contextual feature (and often getting a better ads to show). Kontera, however, seems to not offer a feature like this. I'd be much more inclined to use Kontera if I could pick the keywords I wanted Kontera to us rather than just give it carte' blanc to drop links all over my pages.

    I'm not planning on trying Kontera any time soon … because of their annoying popup nature, confusing underling which will make readers annoyed, thinking they are going to a link I provided, and their somewhat bloated code … but the idea that they, _Kontera_ would tell advertisers that it was alright to use their ads and violate Google's ToS amazes me.

    Kontera has no right to speak for Google, Google has no right to speak for Kontera … a honest answer would be, "Talk to Google regarding Google's terms of service", not passing out what might be incorrect info. I'd be very wary of Kontera's truthfulness based on what they seem to be putting out … they could have big time legal liabilities with this apparent carelessness.

    As far as example sites using both advertising media together? This only proves some sites are doing it. It does prove anything as far as legalities. There are thousands of potential violations of Google's ToS on line every day … we've all seen them … the fact that something is done doesn't mean it's right or legal.

    Anyway … an interesting discussion.

  4. Thank you I'm saved!

    I was using all three networks Adsense, Infolinks and Kontera and never thought that they might be against the TOs. Because once I'd read somewhere that Google allows other Ads if viewers are not confused those Ads with Adsense Ads.

    I'm pulling back the Infolinks and Kontera ads from my sites.

    Thank you once again.

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