Keeping the immune system strong with Ilog Maria Bee Propolis

In a bid to stave off my newly acquired allergic rhinitis, of which I still can’t believe I now have, the common colds, cough and to boost my immune system in general, I’ve been taking Bee Propolis every morning just before breakfast.

Why Bee Propolis? Che, my fiancee had been scouring parenting forums for an alternative cure for Julia’s diaper rash. The ointment prescribed to us is extremely effective in keeping our baby’s bottom rash-free but it’s also effective in burning a hole through our wallets.

In one of those forums, a mom somewhere in Manila attested that Bee Propolis ointment has worked for her as well at more than half-the-price of the drug ointments. With Che convinced to give it a try I browsed the website of Ilog Maria, a famous bee farm here in Silang, Cavite that makes the ointments based on bee propolis which is in fact, very much sought after throughout the country along with many of their other natural products based on bee-made substances.

One of those products that Ilog Maria makes is a concoction from bee propolis and coconut brandy which also does the same trick of keeping the immune system strong as does the honey + calamansi combo.

So instead of getting a bottle of honey, I bought a small bottle of Bee Propolis along with its ointment form.

Ilog Maria Bee Propolis
Ilog Maria Bee Propolis. (The electric tape keeps out the ants.

What the heck is bee propolis? Let me save you the trouble of Googling for it by sharing the answer from Ilog Maria’s Bee Propolis brochure:

Propolis forms trees’ immune systems. Propolis fights bacteria, fungi & viruses that attack trees. Our bees and use this bee propolis to varnish the insides of their entire beehives; including the insides of all the cells in their honeycombs to sanitize all that propolis touches.

Each time an attacker, stung to death inside the beehive, is too heavy to be pulled out; our bees embalm it with their propolis. This bee propolis-embalmed moth, mouse or lizard is preserved by the bee propolis and is perfectly mummified without putrefaction or decay. This is perfect proof of the potency of propolis. In fact, Lenin’s corpse is also embalmed in propolis and is perfectly preserved in a glass coffin for all to see.

Bee Propolis is packed with phytochemicals and anti-oxidants which combat the ill effects of exposure to all kinds of pollution, carcinogenic substances, carcinogenic conditions and eating processed or preserved foods.

After almost thirty years, we have found a perfect solvent for absorbing all the beneficial contents of bee propolis. Coconut brandy has its own monolaurins that strengthen your immune system. My childhood friend Philip Eleazar, runs two huge coconut plantations in Cotabato, Mindanao. His plantations have never seen fertilizers and any chemicals. He produces Don Felipe organic coconut brandy from fermented coconut sap.

We collect bee propolis and macerate it in Don Felipe organic coconut brandy in our cellars for about a year. After waiting so long in the cellar, it becomes Ilog Maria Bee Propolis. Ilog Maria Propolis is the living essence of bee propolis.

That explains why it tastes a lot of brandy mixed with honey. I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure or something but so far it’s been working well for me. I mix 30 drops with plain water, though you can mix it with other drinks like coffee, tea, milk and chocolate, and take it before having breakfast.

In the two weeks of using it, I can say that it does work. With the crazy weather here in Silang – chilly nights and hot days plus the sudden rains – I’ve been able to remain cold and cough free.

Ilog Maria has many other all-natural products based on materials made by honey bees – honey, pollen, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly. Some are cosmetic while some have medicinal properties. If you’re interested in their products or curious about an actual bee farm, head to their website or visit the farm itself in Silang, Cavite. You’d be amazed at what they have in offer.

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