Just in Time for Fathers Day

By now most of you must have heard and have seen the photos of my newborn daughter on my Facebook account.

My little princess

Her name is Julia Chelsea Anne Famini-Rocas. She was born last Monday, June 7, 2010. At 3.09kg and 48cm in length, she was the biggest newborn in the nursery that night. It’s confirmation that she got her heights from yours truly.

I now confess that having your first newborn does change your life and view on things. I cannot put my finger on the whole deal yet, but definitely a lot has started to change in me. I’m no longer a bachelor, I’m a father. And damn proud of it!

Already, my whole week was spent taking care of my new family. Even when we got back home, I still can’t log in a decent amount of sleep. But it was all worth. The joy and pride I get each time I carry my own child is simply “fulfilling” as a great teacher of mine once said.

Now that things have taken on a new course, the changes to my life will continue. That change will also spill into this blog of mine. The idea of blogging more about my “daddy stories” has been playing around in my mind ever since we got to the hospital last Monday. So from now, expect to read more fatherly tales from yours truly. So in between changing diapers and tending to my recovering wife, blogging will take its place.

So until the next “daddy story”, cheers and a big salute to all the fathers out there!

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  1. whoa! congratulations! feeling ko dati we're at the same age lang

    btw i hope you remember me, i used to blog as arvinastig and that was long ago. gone are the days. hehe! feeling ko napag-iwanan na ako ng blog at internet at ito nga may baby ka na! hahahaha

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