Jun Lozada – Krus ng Katotohanan

It’s been a long while since my last update here in The Four-eyed Journal. The last few weeks of the school year has just been too much that it has taken up a great deal of my time. Nonetheless, since this post comes during the Lenten season and it is a time for reflection not just about our faith but also among a lot of many other things, I’d like to share a video that I hope would be a good source or inspiration for all of us to reflect on.

It is a video of Mr Jun Lozada sharing his reflections on why he has come out to tell the truth despite the dangers, perils, criticisms and obstacles hurled against him from the time he has worked in the government up to now that he has stood up for the truth. It was taken in a forum in La Salle Greenhills last March 4, 2008, in which we Lasallians from Dasmariñas, Cavite finally made it out of our province to join our fellow Lasallians and Mr Jun Lozada himself for a gathering for truth, honesty, justice and accountability.

In this sharing that lasted for almost 30 minutes, Jun Lozada brought up the following points that would be good bases for our Lenten reflection:

  • Apathy and indifference has pervaded our society. Even the Catholic Church has become indifferent to the truth, or the lack thereof, and the corruption in government.
  • Corruption in government is a form of business. And if you would “rock the boat”, no body would do business with you again.
  • Most are afraid to carry the torch of light because the very first thing to be illuminated is one’s own self thereby exposing one’s sins and dirty image.
  • Conscience is the driving force for someone to brave the odds and do what is right and doing something for the truth.
  • Carry the light of truth and those who thrive in darkness, corrupting others, will reject and even destroy you.
  • If you will fill your heart with the light of goodness, then there will be no place for a shadow in you.
  • Act with compassion, not with hatred, because compassion for those who suffer, who are oppressed, who are victims of injustice and corruption will be the reason for our collective constant struggle for change and a better tomorrow. The removal of an evil empire is simply a consequence of this compassion-driven movement.

I hope many will find a gem or two in this video and in these points of reflection. If you happen to find some more, do share them for everyone’s benefit.

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