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Last July 23, a day before my birthday, something awesome happened at school. Finally, after all the hard wait, and frustrated attempts by the police in preventing this event from happening months ago, Jun Lozada, star witness for the ZTE-NBN corruption scandal visited De La Salle University – Dasmariñas as a guest speaker on a forum entitled: “The Role of Communication on Social Transformation”

Many critics, both inside and outside campus and especially those who are against Jun Lozada, question why he was invited as a speaker when the forum’s topic was about communication and when the issue about the ZTE-NBN scandal has been all but forgotten. A very good point, however only at first glance.

I believe that the Community Development Program Council, the organizers of the forum, thought that this would Jun Lozada would be perfect to speak on the forum since it concerns communication and social transformation.

Jun Lozada is an Electronics and Communication engineer, and he has contributed immensely to the movement of social transformation. Instead of inviting a communications expert – academically, the organizers thought it would be better if we were to hear from someone who has used communication for better and more noble means than making a good living just for one’s own sake. It is taking something abstract into something more concrete, practical and profoundly imbued with values we youth today should learn.

I could go on and on but Jun Lozada himself could best explain this as he did so during the forum. Here is his entire presentation broken down into four, 10-minute blocks of videos:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We Lasallians from DLSU-D are thankful for Jun Lozada for the visit and sharing with us insights and values we so badly need today, if we are to be effective agents of social transformation. Congratulations to the Community Development Program Council for such a successful forum. Asteeg!

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