Julia catches the colds

The one ailment that I hate the most is the common colds. It’s brings so much stress to my self. What’s more agonizing is that there’s still no cure for it! Mankind is close to completely wiping out polio from the planet, yet we’re still very vulnerable to cold virus.

That’s why I’m feeling a bit on the downside as this morning, my Julia woke up with a stuffy nose. The night before, she didn’t get a good sleep because of difficulty in breathing.

She’s more fussy and cranky than usual. She’s suffering because of the common colds. Hopefully, this would go away harmlessly and not develop into anything more complicated. Because usually, cough closely follows after colds. So if Julia is already having a hard time now, it would be worse if she does start coughing as well.

So as to help relieve her suffering and discomfort, we’ve bought some saline nasal drops to get rid of the clogged nose. I also bought a nasal aspirator to help with removing the mucus from her cute little nose. Which is staring to turn red from all the sneezing and wiping off.

We’ve also decided to minimize her interaction with people outside our household. It is to minimize the risk of her picking up more germs and viruses from others which could spell disaster for her and us parents.

At an age of one month and a week, this is the very first time she has become sick. I suspect it’s because of the weather this past few weeks, hot days followed by a storm really wreak havoc on her.

So it will be another tough night. With little sleep as we have to keep a more watchful eye on little Julia. Ready and waiting to provide her with comfort and to make sure things don’t turn for the worse.

One thing’s for sure though, Julia will make it through for she is one beautiful and strong baby.

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