Joining the Windows Vista bandwagon

After four months of resisting the evil, albeit necessary, I’ve finally switched to Windows Vista just this last Friday. The upgrade took place in the midst of a roller-coaster weekend hence my recently prolonged absence from blogging.

What finally made me decide to upgrade to Windows Vista?

VistaWindows XP has been crapping out on me lately, for some strange reasons, my laptop suddenly lost the ability to detect any Wi-Fi signal it was exposed to, my home network, Burger King’s free WiFi and DLSUD’s own WiFi network, were all of a sudden undetectable by my laptop.

I tried out everything short of taking it to the service center because I knew it had nothing to do with any hardware damage, hence it was something related to a driver issue and knowing that this Compaq c756TU laptop wasn’t optimized for Windows XP that could be very well the culprit.

Rather than prolonging my disrupted work flow by taking my laptop for service, which could take a week or a month, I decided to take the plunge and had Windows Vista installed and up to now, it has been quite smooth though without some annoyances that makes me miss Windows XP.

I opted to purchase and install a licensed copy of Windows Vista Home Basic edition since I’m not really interested in getting the fancy-shmancy graphics of Windows Aero and all the other unique features of Vista Premium, I just need to get the Compaq c765TU’s full hardware features working smoothly. Right now, I control WinAmp via the keyboard with shortcuts and the notebook’s sound levels using the hotkeys. Plus, the I/O ports and jack for the audio components are also now fully functioning saving me from strenuous mice movements. Lastly, I’m beginning to appreciate the Sidebar were some gadgets are indeed useful and worth the strains on the system resources.

Speaking of which, I also upgraded the laptop’s memory from the standard 1GB to full 2GB of RAM. The performance has been so satisfactory for the last three days. What’s more amazing is that most of the software tools and productivity apps have been working fine on Windows Vista. Then again, this is a good opportunity to learn new things and discover and compile all the neat apps we could find that makes using Windows Vista a little bit easier.

That’s it for now, I’ll back once things have settled down and I get to fully get the hang of using Windows Vista.

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  1. Vista is really a good Windows OS IMHO though some people find it a little awkward to use specially if they were using XP previously.

    I’ve been using Vista for more than a year now and I’m very satisfied with it. All applications I used works like a charm and most of the games I play work pretty well in Vista.

    From the looks of it, you just need to install Vista compatible drivers for your laptop.

    You can download updated ones here:

    BTW, Have you upgraded to Vista SP1?

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  2. i also using vista for about a week, in my office now im the only one using the Ultimate Edition of Vista and Aero is so nice but the User Account Control security feature is so annoying for me

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  3. It just does not make sense that your laptop is not optimized for windows xp but great on vista.

    As you mentioned Vista is a resource hog in comparison to windows xp.

    Definitely windows xp needs to be re-installed after a few years especially when a lot of installing and uninstalling is done.

    Your upgrade to more memory is the best thing you have done and IMHO saved your money and just reinstalled xp instead of buying Vista.

    However, that is your preference and I hope you don't get the same or similar problems after a few months with Vista.

    Good luck

    1. @Edmund – I agree with you entirely but I was forced into upgrading to Vista because I needed the full features of my laptop. It is unfair for HP-Compaq to do such a thing, customers must not be limited in their choices because this gives an unfair advantage for Vista despite the fact that it's one troublesome OS.

  4. I think it's ridiculous that Windows can get away with selling Vista, XP, etc.. only to make people turn around soon after and purchase another product to clean their registry because it doesn't operate like new after a week.

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