John Chow dot Com: an essential read for bloggers

This blog is about to reach it’s one-year-anniversary mark in two months’ time. Already it has improved so much and the journey has been all worth it. A reader once asked me via e-mail, “What’s my secret?” Now I know that I’m no problogger, I don’t have fat AdSense cheques that comes to my mailbox every month, I’ve never even made it to Digg or’ front page before, but little by little, my efforts at improving this blog are being slowly rewarded.

Going back to the question I was asked, among my secrets, well it’s not exactly a secret since there are a thousand more bloggers who do this is to read the blogs of the A-list bloggers, the probloggers that is. Among them, is John Chow’s blog which will help you make money online.

Why read his blog?

It motivated me to do more, to work more on improving my site’s traffic. Whether by writing more useful and creative content or by making more connections and friendships over the net by visiting other blogs and sharing a comment or two.

This improvement in traffic would bring more exposure to my blog which in turn will help me get my messages across. Of course it will also improve my earnings from the ads I put up here but that I’ll use to help me get through the month’s telephone and broadband bills, contribution to my undergraduate thesis fund, and if there’s any extra money left I’ll save up so that one day I’ll be able to buy my dream digital SLR camera.

Another reason to read his blog is to gain ideas on how to be a better blogger and have a good blog. One of the key elements I’d like to learn from John is how to always give something back to the readers.

I could say more about his blog, but we know experience is the best teacher so I strongly urge you to visit his site. If you have a blog of your own, it’s also a good idea to review his blog and trust me, he’ll give back something well worth your time, space and link love.

*Unlike to other posts that came before this one, this is not a paid review post for John Chow, the benefits he offers in exchange for this review is just to good to pass off.

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  1. I'm also becoming a regular visitor of John Chow, and already a regular visitor of Yap, I would agree that visiting these sites is a must because of the tips they provide.

  2. I think blogging should be a reward in itself, a journey towards a self-discovery that you can share with your readers.

    Readers won't remember that you're making money out of their presence; some would even resent it; I've been in advertising long enough to know that.

    But they'll remember you for the stories, the useful information and the dots that you connect in the process. They'll remember you for your ideas, and your capacity to contribute to the sum of human knowledge.

    And most of time, the fastest and best way to get the message across is to strip your site from all those commercial diversions, or if you really have to, make the ad messgaes as inconspicuous as possible.

  3. Well said Norman, you just reminded us of one the core reasons for blogging, getting the message across.

    Indeed blogging is a reward in itself and a journey towards self-discovery. Unfortunately we live in a material word where most of the things we need doesn't come for free. 🙄

    Earning a few bucks here and there would do wonders for many small time bloggers, perhaps to get through the month's internet or hosting bill. Of course user experience, content emphasis and presentation must not suffer from it.

    It's more like a balancing act really. Thank you for your wonderful insight. 🙂

  4. Hey jhay!

    I saw your John Chow review (I'm an avid reader too) and am borrowing his idea. Since my site isn't as popular as John (yet), instead of a link I'm actually offering an 80GB iPod Video in a back-linking raffle. You don't even need to write a review. If you're interested take a look!

    – Erich (sorry for the spam — nice blog by the way!)

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