Janet Napoles as state witness? It’s like this…

Janet Napoles as a State witness?! It’s like pardoning the Marcoses of all their crimes against the Filipino people, letting them keep their stolen wealth and even proclaiming them as the first Royal family of the Philippines. It’s like telling all the farmers to give up their rightful claims on Hacienda Luisita and adorn the Cojuancos for their benevolence. It’s like telling Editha Burgos that she should trust the AFP are telling the truth and would help them find her still missing son Jonas Burgos. It’s like telling the victims of human rights abuses, some of which are still missing today, that Gen Palparan was just doing his job as a good solider sworn to protect the Filipino people. It’s like telling our kids that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was right in calling a Comelec Commissioner during the canvassing of votes and that God chose her to be our president.

It’s like Sec Coloma was just right in pointing out that there are alternatives to the MRT and that the commuting public is to blame for the terrible state the LRT/MRT system is in. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

If the government really plans on letting Janet Napoles off the hook by turning her into a state witness it would be the undoing of everything the Aquino administration has done so far in the fight against corruption. Although it is a valid observation that so far, those who have been prosecuted are politicians who are potential opponents of whoever the Administration’s presidential bet would be in 2016, bringing to justice those who have raided the public coffers must be done with no special favors or treatment to anyone whose hands are dirty, be it a member or friend of the administration or the opposition.

Ellen Tordesillas said it well:

Iba na raw ang kuwento ni Napoles nang binisita ni De Lima sa Ospital ng Makati. Nagdawit pa raw siya ng maraming senador at congressman. Merong may nagsabi na 19 na senador daw ang sa kanyang affidavit, meron namang nagsabing 12.

Ngunit hindi raw nila pinag-usapan ang pagiging state witness ni Napoles.

Sinong tanga ang maniniwala na kakanta si Napoles na walang kapalit? Konsyensya daw.

Ginu-goodtime lang tayo nito. Pumayag naman si De Lima sa drama. Halata namang nagta-trial balloon lang sila.

Mabuti naman at umalma ang publiko. Kasi naman kung gawing state witness si Napoles kapalit ng kanyang pagsabi ng katotohanan kuno tungkol sa raket ng PDAF (Priority development Assistance Fund), idi-dimis na lahat na kaso laban sa kanya.

Ang swerte naman niya kung mangyayari yan. Limpak na limpak na salapi na ang kanyang nakuha sa taumbayan. Nakabili na ng maraming ari-arian kasama pa ang isang hotel sa Amerika. Hindi lang siya, pati na rin ang kanyang mga galamay kasama na doon si Ruby Tuason at si Dennis Cunanan, na kumita na rin ng husto.

With this trial balloon shot down, the Aquino administration should take notice that it continue the same path it started on with resolve and expediency. With only 2 years left in its term, there’s no assurance that next administration might continue with the prosecution of Janet Napoles and all of her cohorts nor will it be as receptive to public sentiment so as to allow for more responsive governance.

Enough with the charades, file the cases and prosecute.

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