J-Shots – My new photo blog

As you may have noticed on top of the sidebar of this blog, I have created my very own photo blog. On it, I will post select photos that I find to be worth given the glory of having its own blog post. Subjects could range from anything that captures the fancy of my lens be it small items, insects, people, scenery among others.

The original plan was to put up my own photo gallery on a subdomain here but when I noticed that I had over 3,000 photos in my Flickr account, it would be better to put up a photo blog instead and save me all the trouble of tinkering around gallery codes, FTP and design elements.

Hence, the birth of J-Shots / Photos by Jhay Rocas. (naks naman!) There are two photos posted over there as of this writing and many more soon to come. The photo blog is graced by the SimpleT theme for WP-powered photo blogs and designed by Taly.

Still thinking of doing some tweaks to the blog like maybe installing the Flickr RSS plugin to link it up to the rest of my photos in my Flickr account. Or should I go back to using Zooomr? That’s another story altogether. So please, do visit J-Shots and have a looksie at my photos. Praises or criticisms are very much welcome.

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  1. Congratulations on your new photo blog! Good for you coz you already have your DSLR camera so you can take lots of nice photos with it. I actually bought a domain name for my photo blog but I haven't gotten the chance to go and take photos for it. Hopefully I could start next year. 🙂

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