iWallet – a safe in your pocket that reads your fingerprint

We have various security features for the valuable (read: expensive) things we own. Password encryption, biometric locks, alarms protect our gadgets and they have proven themselves to be effective.

However, we have yet to upgrade the security features of one of the oldest and most common invention we carry around in our pockets; our wallets! Millions are lost and stolen everyday around the world, we’ve used chains and tracking devices yet it seems to be inadequate. Not anymore, one new wallet dares to claim that it’s “a safe in your pocket.”


The iWallet is built with Kevlar and Carbon fiber, the same material used to make bulletproof vests and Formula 1 cars, making it one of the toughest wallets on the planet.

To add another layer of security, it has a built-in biometrics reader, meaning that only you the owner can open it using your finger print. The final touch to its security features, is a Bluetooth alarm which pairs off with your phone that buzzes if the wallet goes too far away from you.

Awesome is not? However, a few concerns…

What if the biometrics reader gets screwed and fails to read your fingerprint? What if the battery runs out? How would the authorities identify you in case of emergencies when they can’t access your identification card because it’s locked in your wallet? Remember how the guys in CSI would always look for the victim’s wallet first to establish identity?

Well no technology is indeed perfect. However, be prepared because the iWallet could really burn a hole in your pocket. It sells for $299.00 USD so in case you do decide to buy it, I hope you’ve have enough money to keep inside it.

Lastly, I’d like to see how the iWallet would fare against the friendly and totally-safe streets and alleys of Metro Manila or even your average passenger jeep.

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