Isulong seoph – I’m on page 1?!

I was browsing the sites of the many Isulong seoph contestants, when without giving much thought, I decided to search the much coveted key phrase on to see who’s currently in the number 1 spot since there’s almost a month left to go before the big winners are crowned. is in the number 1 spot, kudos to them! Then I reached the bottom of the first page and WTF?! I’m in! I’m in the 1st page of the Isulong seoph search result. OMFG!!!

Below are the screenshots I took of this little seo victory of mine.

Isulong seoph

I am not a contestant in the Isulong seoph competition, even though this free domain I’m using is fully qualified to join. I opted not to join but still went on to learn and deploy SEO tips and techniques for the benefit of this blog of mine and to promote various causes, (a very good one would be the PayPal for the Philippines). I opted to be a supporter and audience of the contest instead, and so far it has been an equally rewarding and fun experience. Today, those experiences, efforts and lessons learned have finally paid off. Of course, Sir Angelo Racoma of the J Spot deserves the most credit for this.

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