Is the 800mb limit on Globe SuperSurf reasonable or not?

So it turns out that there is a limit to Globe’s SuperSurf offering. Yuga reports that it has been capped at 800mb per day. Meaning that once you reach that ceiling, you get disconnected to Globe’s network. You then have to wait for the next day to get mobile surfing because your allocated bandwidth has been refreshed.


It’s not really unlimited or “Walang Metro!” as the the ads say, the question now is, is it fair?

A lot of folks think so. After all, it is supposedly unlimited or “Walang Metro!” (Unmetered.)

Then again, I’m inclined to agree with Sir Abe that it is fair and reasonable.

He said that it doesn’t make sense to download a movie file to your mobile phone, which could go any where between the typical 700mb+ or up to 2gb a file.

Clearly, Globe intends SuperSurf to be used for exclusively mobile browsing; checking email, updating your 4square location, sending Tweets, and updating your Facebook status.

However, there are those who use their mobile phones as a modem for their laptop, or even a desktop ((I’ve seen a friend do it.)) because there’s no Wi-Fi hotspot around or if there is one, it is slow because a lot of people are already connected to it. ((These days, Burger King’s free Wi-Fi is uber slow because there are a lot of folks hanging out there.))

This is when the 800mb cap would really be an annoyance. So what can a Globe user do? If it were me, I’d get two or more prepaid SIM cards and an extra phone for surfing purposes if I would rely mainly on Globe’s SuperSurf to get online. Once a SIM has reached its cap, I’d swap it with the fresh one, after all, availing of SuperSurf is just Php20.00 for limited sites or Php50.00 for the regular offer, so it’s very cheap.

So for 24 hours of SuperSurf you’d need 3 SIM cards. lol

What do you think? Is the 800mb limit reasonable or not?

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  1. Telco in my country don’t disconnect you when you’ve reach the quota. Instead, they throttle your speed to somewhere around 128kbps. As long as you’re not downloading huge files like movies or games, it’s not easy to bust that 800MB.

    1. Right now, we bloggers and netizens here are trying to get organized in order to address the government and our local telcos for a more transparent and more inclusive process of addressing this issue.

      The speed throttling method were tried once but consumers never really understood or liked it that is why the telcos have resorted to time-based charging schemes and the now proposed bandwidth cap.

  2. Reasonable for those only viewing Facebook, Yahoo Mails etc. But if you’re a heavy user downloading files you better look for an alternative connections.

  3. 800mb is not reasonable at all. regualr browsing on flash based sites already cap off a 500 100mb for 1 hr surfing. Other coutries have a 2gb limit 800mb is truely outrageous. Surfing alone will cap that up.. globe check your statistics first before making a cap..

  4. Yeah.and y dont globe put that info on their advertisement?or atleast in d text msg confirmation of their promo. It’s unlikely for us who are fond of downloading movies, games and all sorts of big files,I always reach that @!?# limit,.. Ive been trying to address that complaint to CSR whenever i get pissed off (i call 211) but to no avail.

    U make money from us,atleast we should expect u not to FOOL ur customers.. There’s not even a way to KNOW how much data have u used (i asked that to their csr too btw) ..

  5. Unreasonable. How about those who are working in different places, say like I’m here in Pampanga, my fellow musician is on Manila and we need to collaborate long distance with our music but on a budget. So we both use supersurf but due to our projects being over 1 GB because of 24-bit Hz sound file, it is a hassle to swap sims or this limit. We both see each other only once a month due to our work and still building our band.

    They got billions of subscribers anyway but I think the service is out of hand and their promises or ads are just lies

  6. Another thing is the online games and purchased games for my PSP GO that I can’t download due to that limit… I’m using Tattoo stick by the way

  7. Regardless of who think its fair to cap unlimited accounts, the issue is more alarming when The “fair use” use policy(Although adopted by other countries also) Has been written by the Company themselves instead of the governement.

    What happened in the Philippines is that with their extreemely weak network, the companies have a hard time providing for the demand. To stay true to the culture, the gov asked the private company to tell them what to do(less work, happier corporation, bigger red envelope…Every milionaires win!).

    So ISP gather data showing that 1% of users use 90% of the bandwith (Note: that in philippines the only ones using the internet for more than facebook are company, so obviously this statistic is correct but do not depict a real bandwith huggers issue as cunningly claimed by the pinoy ISPs). So in line with the beautiful idea that a “fair Use” policy would…Allow the ISP to limit users connection and still claim it to be UNLIMITED, Allow ISP to hide behind the policy to explain incesent network issue and problems, and of course to sound like they care about fair distribution.

    So you have it, Regardless of the fact that Telephone companies in the philippines are using every trick in the hat to limit the work load/the customer services, the fair policy is like comunism…it’s a gread idea on paper but when you let fat corrupt cat manage…well we all know what it does!

    Globe Customer services:

    Called at least 100 times, 98% of the time the phone clerk either(diconnect, simply do not keep any record of the call, refuse to transfer, refuse to divulgate full name or provide follow up number or follow up period). * although service in office is decent.

    Smart Customer services:

    well they control the time of response so that customer wait 5-15min before to be rerouter to a live phone clerk…The marketing plan is that users will be forced to listen to a reel of audio advertisment.

    Funny but not funny cases::::

    Globe: By 3mb/2000p landline internet..6months go by of weekly calls and issues, without result, until one day AT THE OFFICE, the clerlk iquired about the 6 months of issues to conclude that Globe could not provide the 3mb service as the location wasnt well routed enough and that they would never reach a 3mb… so she kindly offered a refund. FAIR ENOUGH?? I think not, luckily i have time on my hand and know when company try to insert a big dik in my a s s while, for sure, the little Filipino family next door has no clue they are paying double!

    Landline: 1-2 years contract + installation fees… If i pay for the installation why the hell do i have to pay for that??? it aint a cellphone you by at 80% discount and promess a 1 year connection in exchange for the ifty discount like its customary in cellphone….ITS JUST A RANDOM RULE AGAIN TO CONTROL WHAT SHOULD BE YOURS!

    FAIR I think not, remember that in the corporate world there is only one rule:

    Sqeeze as much money as possible from customers. As a customer anything custing you more or getting less or LOSING OUT should make YOU ALL react in the same way….NO TO FAIR USE – NO TO NO ACOUNTABILITY – NO TO ANY RAISE IN PRICE.

    Chose your side…

  8. There’s no such thing as free lunch. I hate the 800mb cap as much as everyone else but if you want more, you’ve got to pay more. Bandwidth is expensive and we all know that. What sickens me though are those ads from the 3 telcos that deliberately fool people of non-existent services.

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