IronClad – secure PC on a USB

IronClad USB
Secure PC on a USB on steroids
Talk about military technology being directly used in a commercial product. US defense contractor Lockheed Martin, the same company that made the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, has introduced a USB drive that serves as secure PC-on-USB device.

It’s a USB thumb drive the size of a chewing gum stick but embedded with Lockheed Martin’s IronClad technology that powers the operating system right off the USB device. All in this in a 8GB space secured with 256-bit encryption software. The actual USB device is encased in a rugged, water- and shock-resistant metal case.

It’s key features include:

  • 256-bit, military-grade encryption protects everything on the drive, all the time.
  • Built-in secure software applications and browser protect you from malware and viruses.
  • Remote management lets you turn lost or stolen drives into “bricks” – permanently deleting all data – to ensure your data stays secure.
  • Managed, “white-listed” application portfolio means no unauthorized programs or applications can be loaded into the system – you have total control at all times.
  • Embedded security policies keep a close watch on the system at all times, seeking out potential threats or risks.
  • Rugged, solid metal casing is waterproof and tough enough to withstand significant shock, heat and cold.

The basic idea is for you to take not just your files, but your entire PC environment in a secure USB drive and use it in almost any PC or laptop you can find. With its security features, malware, viruses and rootkits are blocked off and your files never actually ‘touch’ the hard drive of the PC you’re using. It’s like carrying your PC and all your files including those highly sensitive ones like your p0rn or business plans in a safe in your pocket.

It would be ideal for those who are mobile, carry and do a lot of work in the field, like police, medical professionals, business men and others. Perhaps the COMELEC would like to avail of this IronClad USB device for use this coming 2010 automated elections. It’s another layer of security in protecting our votes.

Pricing has not been announced yet, but you can visit Lockheed Martin’s website for more information.

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