iPad Lego

Nothing seems to be impossible with a pile of LEGO bricks and a creative fan to create some of the coolest iterations to date. Catching on the latest hype about Apple’s iPad, Flickr user brickjournal has made an iPad out of LEGO bricks.

LEGO iPad by brickjournal
LEGO iPad by brickjournal

It’s all bricks and look at how the screen was made. I so envy the maker for his talent of which he had this to say:

My decision to build this stud up made the graphics a real pain to do – had I gone SNOT, I could have had a little more to work with in terms of detail. But if I went that way, the front face would have been raised a tiny bit – less than a plate.

Wish I could build something like this with LEGO again. It sure does bring back fond memories of my childhood. I hope we’ll see creations from other builders to see how they approached the challenge.

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