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Just received an email from the makers of the invisibleSHIELD, they have moved to their new home on the web:

If you haven’t visited us recently, we invite you to check out our new website. We have completely revamped the site’s design to give it a new look and feel, and we’ve moved our store to our new home:

User videos, Reviews from Bloggers, and Media Coverage are just the beginning of the new features we’ve added to the site. Soon, you’ll be able to upload your own videos, comment and vote on other user videos, participate in our forum and read blog posts from Robert Pedersen, our CEO.

invisible shieldThe last time I visited their website was December of 2007 when I ordered an invisibleSHIELD for my Sony Ericsson K800i. Installed it on my phone last January and up to now, it has done a pretty good job of protecting my phone from scratches.

What bothers me is why they moved from to the now Their product has been very successful and they’ve even sold 1 Million units already. Heck, even John Chow used the invisible shield on his MacBook Pro and he didn’t even mentioned it was by ZAGG.

The point is that people are more familiar with the name “invisible shield” as compared to ZAGG. So naturally, they’d be using it for their searches instead of the obscure “ZAGG” as a keyword whenever they want to know more or buy an invisible shield for their gadget.

Then again this could be part of their bigger plan to better leverage themselves in the market. In fact, their old domain now redirects to Hopefully it will pay-off because the invisible shield is one good product. This may not be a paid review or write-up, but I’d recommend them to anyone wanting to protect their gadgets.

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  1. Didn’t know about this until I read your post. Thanks for the info! Like you, I’m wondering why they changed their name which is already established and quite popular. They know their business/product better and like you mentioned it could be part of a much bigger plan/project which has better long-term benefits. 😀

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