Invisible Shield now protects my K800i

The day before I succumbed to the flu, a package arrived for me and it was something I almost forgot about. It was the Invisible Shield protective film I ordered for my Sony Ericsson k800i last December 9, 2007!

First heard about it from Jaypee, was impressed when I checked out their site and decided to try it on, if they had one for the SE K800i. They did of course and so with some extra funds in my PayPal account, it was just $9.95 after all, I ordered for one and had to wait for more than a month for the Invisible Shield to shipped all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah were ZAGG was based.

Geekiness has taken over ever since I got the package as I stopped everything that I was doing just so I could install the Invisible Shield on my phone and see for my self what was all the buzz about.

What’s the Invisible Shield?

The box, dvd-casing-like packaging for the Invisible Shield hinted at how serious the product was in its claim to be the “the ultimate gadget protection” money can buy. Well, according to their website;

The invisibleSHIELD is the toughest, most durable gadget scratch protection film available on planet Earth. The film has its origins in the U.S. military, where it was used to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades from wear and tear while traveling hundreds of miles per hour. Our proprietary film is a clear, urethane plastic (invisible, invincible) with unique properties that allow it to provide self-healing qualities and unparalleled abrasion resistance.

The film itself was just an ordinary-looking film that was wrapped in plastic and stuck to its paper backing. In the kit were two tools to help in the installation of the Invisible Shield; a bottle of SHIELDspray and a Install Squeegee.

The SHIELDspray was some water-based liquid which would be used to facilitate the application of the Invisible Shield. Sort of like an adhesive that would help the film to stick to the LCD screen and eliminate imperfections like micro bubbles and wrinkles. To further smoothen the application of the film, the Install Squeegee was there to smoothen things out, make sure the film sticks and snugly fits the screen of your device. It also squeezes out the excess liquid from the SHIELDspray which must be quickly dried-off with some lint-free cloth. You don’t want your device to be ruined by liquids spilling in the insides and damaging the circuitry would you? Besides, it would defeat the purpose of the Invisible Shield if this were to become true.

Installation for me was quite easy, it was just like returning that original protective plastic film that covered the K800i’s screen when it was totally brand new. The instructions printed in the box was simple and easy enough to follow and in less than half an hour, my phone was now protected by the Invisible Shield.

The final look and feel?

At first it was a bit of a let down, as the brightness of my K800i’s screen was diminished by some 10%, plus some pockets of air and debris was still present at the top most portion of the film but the box reminds me that this will work themselves out in 24 hours. It has been more than 48 hours after I’ve installed the Invisible Shield and though I haven’t really tried to scratch it just to see if it would really work, I feel much safer now that I could put the phone in my pocket without worries that the screen would be scratched by a coin or something else. The phone may have lost some of its shine and glare but it’s a bit a trade-off for the protection it now has.

Over-all, I’m satisfied with the Invisible Shield. It does provide some serious level of protection for the screen but since it diminished my screen’s brightness and the phone’s over-all look and glare, I cannot agree wholeheartedly that it is truly an ‘invisible’ shield.

Below, is a slideshow of the photos I took when I installed the Invisible Shield on my phone.

Anyone else who ordered the Invisible Shield? How is it doing so far?

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  1. Ei, thanks for the mention and link love!

    How long did it take for the package to reach you? I also want to get one for my laptop but I'm not sure they have one for my laptop model. I'd have to ask them. If they do, I'd most likely get one. πŸ™‚

    Jaypee's last blog post..Dreamhost Billing Nightmare

  2. It took a month for the package to arrive! πŸ˜€ But it's okay because I live on the other side of the world and I asked for the free regular shipping.

    You can browse their site for the specific model of your laptop, if they don't, they could customize one for you. It's in their site as well. Good luck with it.

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