Intel’s solid-state drives could boost Asus eeePC

News from PC World that the world’s biggest chip maker, Intel is readying its solid-state storage drives and will be embedding the said chips on its upcoming platforms for ultra-mobile PCs.

The Z-P140 PATA solid-state storage drives (SSDs) will be provided as an optional module to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to embed on motherboards made for the Menlow platform. The platform, designed for ultramobile PCs, also includes the Silverthorne processor and Poulsbo chipset. Menlow-based devices will ship in the first half of 2008, product line manager Don Larson said Friday at an event in San Francisco.

The tiny SSD chip, which weighs only 0.6 grams, will be available in capacities of 2G bytes and 4G bytes. The on-board storage capacity will be expandable up to 16G bytes with four SSDs connected to a standard PATA (parallel advanced technology attachment) interface that links the drives, Larson said. SSDs consume less power than hard drives because they have no moving parts, so they are ideal for mobile devices, Larson said.

Asus eeePCOne particular ultra-mobile PC that would greatly benefit from this move by Intel is the Asus eeePC, of which I am currently being tempted to get one this Christmas. At present, I hear and read complaints about the eeePCs limited solid-state storage drive, 8GB being the standard spec. Intel’s new chips could very well change all this, and the consumers would benefit the most.

If this could boost the storage capacity of ultramobile PCs, this could also expand the storage capacities of mobile phones. Heck, Nokia just relased new phones from its N-Series that has memory capacities of 8GB so seeing an Intel SSSD chip in one wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

I wonder though, if solid-state storage drives would replace the traditional hard disks in desktops? Imagine that….

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  1. Currently, SSDs have limited read/write cycles. Unless that limitation is overcome, there's no replacing HDDs.

    I will rather get a laptop first, then Asus eee PC when the 16G version is released.

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