Intel ships Core Duo 2.33GHz and Forbes’ Top 100 Celebs

Via Engadget:

Intel Core Duo[tag]Intel[/tag] has ‘silently’ launched its new Intel Core Duo 2.33Ghz processor and is selling at $600 (Php31,200.00) Say what?! It’s faster and top of the line, but hey it comes at a heavy price. Most would say, “Hold back and wait for [tag]Core Duo[/tag] 2 to come out very soon.”

I agree.

Meanwhile, Forbes Magazine has just launched its Top 100 [tag]Celebrities[/tag] of 2006 list and the line-up pretty much reflects the most recent trend in the world of hollywood, primtime TV and sports.

The Top 10 include:

1. [tag]Tom Cruise[/tag]
2. Rolling Stones
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. U2
5. Tiger Woods
6. Steven Spielberg
7. Howard Stern
8. 50 Cent
9. Cast of The Sopranos
10. [tag]Dan Brown[/tag]

Yes, that’s Dan Brown in the Top 10 of the list, where [tag]J.K. Rowling[/tag] and John Grisham are down at 19 and 80 respectively. The movie may have sucked, but the lucky son of a gun has gotten away with it.

Formula 1 superstar Michael Schumacher gains over Tom Hanks, they’re 30 and 31 respectively while Kobe Bryant is in at 25 ahead of NBA legend Michael Jordan who’s at 26. On top of them all, [tag]American Idol[/tag] judge [tag]Simon Cowell[/tag] is at 29. Completing the list at 100 is Ty Pennington…honestly, I haven’t heard of her before.

Lastly, BusinessWeek Online has presented the Best Product Design of 2006. Asian designers has improved compared to last year, they took a quarter of this year’s awards. Products range from snazzy [tag]computers[/tag] to elegant and state-of-the-art tea makers. Check out the links and be in awe of human ingenuity.

5 Replies to “Intel ships Core Duo 2.33GHz and Forbes’ Top 100 Celebs”

  1. I checked out the slideshow of the new product design and they are surely snazzy. One of my favorites is the 2SECONDS QUECHUA — all one has to do is throw it in the air and it opens on its own before reaching the ground. Wow! When we used to do cross-country bicycling, what I hated the most was setting up the tent — always laborious and tough to secure. This one is amazing!

  2. QueChua is indeed a great product, I remember back in my scouting days it would take the whole troop to setup our tent and a little gust of wind to knock it down and for the whole troop to put it back up again.

    *sighs* I sure miss those camping days…

  3. Despite being an AMD fan, the Core Duo 2, admittedly, will probably slap the fastest Athlon 64 FX silly, and use up less power as well. If there's a CPU that will make me jump back to Intel, this may well be it…

    Question is…would I be able to afford it?

    Probably not. 🙂

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