Intel has a new house, I cleaned up mine

Intel has just opened a new 65-nanometer plant in Ireland a few days back as part of their move, to which tech pundits says, ‘Intel’s move to regain its footing in the microchip industry‘.

Intel65-nanometer chips have smaller components lending to faster and more powerful chips for our desktops, laptops and servers. The chips are getting smaller with news that 45-nanometer chips would be produced by Intel by the end of next year.

It’s good news for all of us tech consumers, however I do hope that these new chips would be more affordable and power-efficient as to help with our electric bills and the truth that Intel chips costs more than AMD chips sold here in the Philippines. New technology doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper price tags. *sighs*


Last night, I had a quick exchange of e-mails with Sir Angelo Racoma about some nifty seo tips and strategies that will help me build up traffic and readership in this new blog of mine. The help of course is part of the promotional free domain + hosting package they have offered to interested bloggers. I don’t know if I’m stepping a bit out line here as I will be able to share those said seo or search engine optimization tips (just some for now)in this little recollection of what I had to go through in the wee hours of yesterday.

As you have probably seen, there are now only 4 posts in this blog and this entry is the 5th. I removed the older ones which all came from my original blog The Four-eyed Journal. The move or migration as the experts would like to term it from that original domain and webhost to this new one was part of my plan to reboot my blog and blogging life, career if may call it. I thought it was just logical, a new domain plus hosting would be better complimented with a first re-start of my blog.

That’s why I dropped the blog title of ‘The Four-eyed Journal’ and opted to the ‘Pinoy Explorer’, the reasons of which I blogged about earlier here. I didn’t only dropped the name of my former blog, I decided to drop the old one altogether and even redirected traffic from the old domain to this new domain. The migration was going on quite smoothly except for one major detail; my Text-Link-Ads sponsors.

It turns out that I cannot transfer the text link ads from my old site to this new one as easy as I could transfer the ads from AdSense, AdBrite and Linkshare. This prevented the total shutdown of my old blog. Even if I redirected the old domain to this new domain, the TLA team wouldn’t just allow it.

It was then I later realised, with the wisdom of Sir Agelo, that TLA team made perfect sense. My old site has already built up a considerable amount of traffic and link popularity, that’s why I was able to sell those ad spaces via Text-Link-Ads, and it would be unfair to the said advertisers because I would put their ads on a site that has yet to build up its own decent amount of traffic and readership, and more importantly, they did not pay to advertise on this new site, they did that on my old site.
I made some quick adjustments in my ‘blog reboot plan’, removed the domain redirection and returned the old back online and renamed it ‘TechnoloJhay‘ not just to keep the TLA ads, but as to have it as my archives site and secondary blog. That explains, in part, the housecleaning I did to remove the duplicate contents (since they were already posted first in the old blog) in this site which is now my primary or main blog.

GoogleWhy remove the duplicate contents? It turns out, as I was told that ‘Papa Google‘ (the term coined by Major who shouted Isulong seoph) hates duplicate contents and strikes down sites with duplicate contents in in search rankings, which is a big no-no in terms of search engine optimization for your site or blog. You see, Google and the other search engines are like my mother, she’s the most generous, kind, loving and helpful person when you’re doing something different, good and unique, but when you go the other direction she could be as cold and unforgiving as the Ice Queen in Narnia.

So there, migrating blogs to a new domain is like moving into a new house. You either start with a clean slate and buy new furnitures and fixtures or simply carry over the old stuf you already have because just like in the real world, you can’t have the same content in two places at once, Papa Google wouldn’t just allow it. 😉

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  1. Hi there Jhay! Just linking your site to Philippine Commentary. I thought I did a long time ago. Did you change blog domain names or something? I notice you are doing isulong seoph. lots of interesting stuff going on in search especially google.

    I also am launching a pure science and technology website: GOOGLE MOGUL

    More power to you! No Blog Is An Island!

  2. @ ade: Yup, it's really hard to build up a new blog. But the experience and the lessons are all worth it. 😀

    It's nice to hear you're converting to Ubuntu as well. Tips? Only approach it with an open mind and not think of it as another Windows OS. There are a lot things you can do with Ubuntu but you can't in Windows. Plus, almost no worries about virus, spy-ware and malware attacks. Try the Live CD first, it will help you make a good decision. 😀

    @ DJB Rizalist: OMG! It's DJB on my blog, welcome sir, (bows down..I'm humbled and honored). This is my new domain and blogsite. A link back from Philippine commentary would be very very much appreciated. 😀

    I'm not officially a contestant in the Isulong seoph, since my free domain and webhosting package comes with some seo support from the big names in Philippine blogging and SEO, I think it would be unfair if I join the contest.

    Still, I support every contestant in the best ways I can.

    I'm also looking forward to GOOGLE MOGUL. 🙂

    Thank you sir, very much.

    @ RennyBA: Hey, you're back. 🙂 I'm glad you enjoyed my post. There's more to come and you're welcome with the link back. Catch you again sometime. 🙂

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