Instant Elevator Music Progress bar with Nyan Cat

Why not? Nowadays, I only use Windows at work, because at home Ubuntu Linux runs the show, so I regularly see the boring progress bar every day.

We all know what the progress bar is in Windows. It appears every time Windows takes some time to do a task, like transferring files, downloading files off the Internet, installing a program or app, etc.

Eye-candy has been added to progress bar when Vista and Windows 7 came along but it still a boring progress bar. Ben Stone had a simple yet clever idea of making the progress bar less boring, play music while the progress bar is going. And that’s why Instant Elevator Music came to be.

It’s a program that you install on a Windows-based PC that well, plays music every time a progress bar is shown. Well, most progress bars anyways, but still, we all get the idea right?

Just recently, a little eye-candy of its own has been added to the program, the Nyan cat. That cute Cherry pop-tart bodied cat will now leave a trail of rainbow across your progress bar. You could either be beguiled or annoyed by the Nyan cat, but the Instant Elevator Music does change the progress bar into something more lively.

Check out the Instant Elevator Music + Nyan Cat which you can download for free.

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