Insidious 2 – Official Trailer – Coming this Sept Friday 13th

Who was not scared of Insidious? That psychological-horror film back in 2010 about a family who nearly lost a son to ghosts and spirits looking for a way back into the world of the living.

Even today, I get goose-bumps whenever I watch this film. With a cliffhanger for an ending, it was definitely a sign that there’s a second installment in the future. And now that day draws near as the official trailer has made its debut on the internet for all of us to get a taste of what our nightmares would contain in the following months:

Just like the film itself, the trailer was enough to raise hairs on the back of my neck. We look forward to seeing it on the movie screen this September 13, 2013.

Who else is excited about Insidious 2?

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