totally gone?

I was a bit surprised when I saw something different after pointing my browser to to read my morning e-paper. The screencap below says it all:


Sir Abe has blogged about this last year, he first hinted that the GMA7 and Inquirer partnership that produced will soon be over, later on he chanced upon the site referring back to the domains, then this news that the will continue (‘as a portal’) despite GMA7 launching their own website.

A bit confusing for some isn’t it? Well now, not anymore. It is obvious that the split-up is final and complete. This is despite the press release that:

Starting January 2007, will become a news portal or “doorway” to the Philippine Daily Inquirer and GMA Network news websites, top executives of both media giants announced in a brief event held at the GMA Network headquarters in Quezon City.

All right let’s hold on for a sec. Assuming that they’re still planning to maintain as a portal for their respective sites which is ‘currently under construction’, this would explain why the site is currently redirecting to, then again how come there is not link to GMA7’s site?

Has the competition started already? (With the Inquirer gaining the upper hand? ;))

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  1. I’ve never been a fan of from the beginning, with its fugly and ad-centric layout. Good riddance.

    I have a friend from a web design company who was tasked to redo the iGMA website and he was planning to do the CMS via Ruby on Rails. I hope it pushed through.

  2. I’ve been checking since last night, still I keep on getting redirected to instead of viewing the gateway page first. Probably some cache or cookie settings on my browser, I’m just curious as to what they’ve done with site and to update this post.:lol:

    Ade has a point though, with so many advertisers lining up, one couldn’t help but cater to their needs.

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