Infographic: Where are the world’s nuclear weapons?

We’re all too familiar with how powerful nuclear weapons are and how an all-out nuclear war could wipe out the human race with just a few clicks of a button once the command has been given by the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations.

This doomsday scenario was best depicted by the movie The Sum of All Fears which starred Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck about how terrorists tricked the United States and Russia into thinking that the former was attacked by the other using a nuclear bomb which almost started World War III.

The movie featured secret locations and bunkers where the missiles carrying nuclear warheads were located but most of us don’t really know where those sites are actually located.

Don’t worry anymore, the team from Mozy has put together a cool infographic giving a quick summary of how many nuclear weapons are active and where they are in the world:

Via: Mozy

Cool yet it has chilling effect doesn’t it? Despite losing its status as a world military superpower, Russia is still a force to reckon with as it remains to be the country with the most number of nuclear weapons – 13000 which is way more than what the United States has which is 9400.

Even though nuclear weapons are banned in the Philippines, it could be a little consolation knowing that nuclear missiles can be launched from thousands of miles away and still hit their intended targets with great accuracy. Let’s just hope that the day will never come when nuclear weapons would not need to be used.

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