In photos: LCDC Blood donation & registry

Though it was a tiring day, it ended in success! Today we SERVE volunteers and our mother unit, the Lasallian Community Development Office held our very first blood letting activity for the school year in partnership with the De La Salle University Medical Center – Blood Bank.

The blood donation and registry project was entitled “Dugong Lasalyano: Sa sagip-buhay, maaasahan mo!” and was held at the DLSUD Lake Park, right smack in the middle of the campus.


We setup our tents and equipment early and soon enough the first batch of generous blood donors lined up, was screened by the health professionals from the University Medical Center and was soon letting their blood flow into bags ready for storage.

The screening was necessary because donors must be in good health and ideally of legal age so as not to waste their donated blood.

Blood screening

To qualify, donors must have a normal blood pressure, weighing no less than 100 lbs. or 50 kilos, free from cough, cold or fever, had not taken any alcoholic drinks at least a day before donating blood, females must not be pregnant or going through their monthly period and if there are any ear-piercings or tattoo, it must be at least a year old.

Dropee with Pol Sci freshies

To attract donors, especially students, we deployed our beloved mascot, Dropee, who’s been given a complete new makeover. Making him cuter and a real chick magnet! A lot of students braved to get screened to see if they would qualify to donate blood, but unfortunately, they were either aged 17 & below or simply underweight. Seeing them getting frustrated because they were unqualified to donate blood only showed how eager they were to help the needy with such a sacrifice – their very own blood!

Those who qualified to donate blood ranged from the very calm and brave to the nervous wreck when placed under the needle, so to speak. It was also amazing to see a handful of first-time blood donors today.

Blood donors

The climax of the day was a short program to liven up the spirit and hand out certificates of recognition to the brave and generous Lasallians who donated their blood for such a noble cause.

On behalf of SERVE volunteers, the LCDC and the DLSUMC – Blood Bank, thank you to all those who donated their blood, the volunteers who helped out during the event and to mother nature for giving us a fine, rain-free day for this project.

If you’re interested to donate part of your blood, simply visit the nearest hospital or local blood bank. It may be nerve-wracking at first, and the pain is very minimal, but you’ll go home knowing that you have just helped save many, many lives.

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