I’m back, for good! And here’s what I’ve been up to

Almost 20 days of no blogging. Wow, a new personal record for me I guess. But as early as now, I’d like to point out that I am still alive. To all those who helped me get medical attention last Saturday, many many thanks. Life will go on and go on with it I will. There are so many things that still need to be done and time is running out, sort of.

Nonetheless, I regret very little of the times I’ve been away from the blogosphere. Sure, traffic and earnings may have been affected but it’s all worth it when I take stock of the things I’ve done offline during my absence.

99% of it has been and continues to be school-related. My role in the activities and programs of the University Student Council has increased due to the nature of the projects the council has set out to do. Allow me to enumerate, of course academics is a given which is why I would not talk about it that much in this post.

First off, defending and promoting students’ rights has been the major activity that has kept me offline. As head of the Advocacy Committee of the University Student Council, I was tasked to provide assistance to any student of DLSU-D who had troubles with their academics, relations with their teachers and movements by the university administration that has somewhat run in conflict with our Constitutionaly-guaranteed rights as students and as Filipinos. In plain words, I’ve been busy acting as a student-lawyer to my fellow Lasallians in De La Salle University – Dasmarinas.

This is a pilot program for the USC’s main objective of establishing a Student-Lawyers’ Office that will provide assistance to every student of DLSU-D with regards to their grievances, complaints, or litigations against school administrators, staff, faculty and even their fellow students. Hopefully, the 4 cases so far that I’ve handled, and won if I may add will provide enough know-how and experience so that this project will be better implemented in full effect next semester.

Second, and this is related to being a student-lawyer, the USC has also given me a big role in their first major project this coming second semester. The revision of the existing University Student Council Constitution, which is 7 years old, chuck-full of loop holes, obsolete and amibigous provisions no longer suitable to the current needs and aspirations of the studentry. That major role is one of being the Chairman of the Constitutional Convetion which would be convened this coming December. It may be two months off, but preparations involving the entire USC machinery are now starting to fire in all cylinders. There goes my semestral break.

This project has been undertaken because of the USC’s desire to promote and further strengthen students’ rights, empowerment of the students and their organizations, streamlining of the USC and College Council beureacracy thereby promoting coherence, unity, and faster more efficient delivery of services to the students who are at the center of the student council’s thrusts.

Third, preparations for the start of my active role as the Presiding Officer of the Municipal Youth Development Council of Silang. In my two years in office I have the following goals:

  • Expansion of the MYDC by gaining the support of the many many youth organizations in Silang
  • Strengthening and empowering of those youth organizations so that they will become alternative avenues of expression, camaraderie, development and growth for the youth in general of Silang
  • Establishment of a youth-operated paper/gazette/blog tru a consolidation of the various campus journalists and editors in Silang
  • Acquisition of vital equipment like a dedicated lights and sounds system for outdoor activities, musical instruments, sports equipments etc. so that the youth organizations will have something to work with instead of relying on donations, solicitations from politicians etc.

These are the short to mid-term goals but my ultimate goal which is a long-term one, is the establishement of Municipal Youth Scholarship fund for those who are deserving but are financially challenged to pursue education. It may not happen in my term of office, but the very least I could do is to lay the groundwork for its ultimate realization.

It seems I have my hands full again right? True, then again this is only natural of being a dreamer, and the price of doing almost anything to achieve those dreams.

And so you’d probably ask what about my blogging? It will still go on of course. Because all these things will be a goldmine of ideas, experiences and lessons for content. :mrgreen: So check back soon, as this four-eyed geek cum activist will be blogging once more.

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  1. Wow, you do have your hands full my friend! 20 days without blogging? Dang! I'm not sure if I can beat that or even come close to that. Hehe

    Anyways, it's good to see you back! More power and God bless with all your endeavors! πŸ˜€

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