I’ll eat Krispy Kreme donuts only if it’s for free

In my previous entry, I mentioned that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were present at the launching of the One La Salle Scholarship Fund and gave away all the donuts they had with them for free to all the Lasallites (my use of this term would be explained later on) who nearly stormed their tiny stall.

Krispy Kreme donutsRight before the main program started, a good friend of mine Jackner and I went down from the LSGH gymnasium with one purpose, be among the first to munch on some yummy Krispy Kreme donuts. Unfortunately, the stallkeepers told us that the donuts were not for sale, rather they were to be given away for free after the program. It was a bit disappointing because Jackner and I were really starved so we went to grab franks instead. But knowing that those donuts would be given away for free later on put a smile our faces.

So the program ended and after wrestling through the crowd for some photo ops with the big names of the night, Jackner and I hurried downstairs to grab those free Krsipy Kreme donuts. When we did got there, it was near chaos and mayhem.

A few minutes ago, we Lasallites from different La Salle schools were singing, clapping and joining hands boasting and basking under the banner or battle cry of “One La Salle” but in the face of free Krispy Kreme donuts, it was every Lasallite for himself!!!

Even the grown ups and faculty were in the fray, using their status and huge body sizes as an advantage over us students. Nonetheless, they proved to be powerless against my skills at jostling for those donuts and with my skinny and long arms I was able to grab 6 donuts in one pop. Then followed by another 4 and then another 3. All of which I gave to my fellow Lasallians from DLSU Dasmarinas to enjoy.

I helped my self with 5 donuts and I was a happy Lasallite (I can’t belive I just called my self one). So we herded into our bus and weaved our way through the EDSA traffic once more. Secretly, I had some 3 donuts kept for the trip home. Of course Jackner and I share them delicious donuts even though our throats were already suffering from the sudden sugar craze it has been subjected to.

For those who are not so familiar with the Lasallian Guiding Principles, they’d say that the night was a big success and a meaningful one.

Fastforwarding to yesterday’s Economics class, my aweome professor and fellow Silangueno, Mr Jan Phillip Mallari reminded me of a great many things about my self, my principles, dreams, the reason I joined so many organizations and one of the reasons I started blogging.

Of course in economics, we discussed about the fundamental questions in economics, the circular flow of goods, and the premises why economics came into being. It is said to be that “we live in a world of limited resources faced with our unlimited wants and needs.”

Another question or facet of the study of economics is how it will be used to serve man’s needs for survival, development and success.

Now what does economics, blogging, the term ‘Lasallite’ and One La Salle has got to do with Krispy Kreme donuts? It’s already been answered by the title of this post but let me expound on it further more.

This little yet profound reflection of mine started when Mr Mallari asked us in economics class “What’s the effect of eating donuts to the Philippine economy?” At first I was dumbfounded by the question and felt like it hit me dead center because I for one adores donuts.

To help us answer the his question, he asked another question; “What is the primary ingredient of donuts?” We answered flour and though we were correct he asked another one, “What kind of flour?” Again we answered wheat flour and that literally silenced our entire class.

Do we grow wheat in our farms? Do Filipino farmers plant wheat? The answer is a no. So everytime we buy donuts, regardless of the brand if it’s a commercial one, we are helping wheat farmers from America and Europe make a living while our own farmers are left out, drowned in the tons of cheap imported garlic, onions, and get this rice. These agricultural imports are the ones being bought by Filipino consumers because they are better in quality than their locally grown and produced counterparts. This is because the foreign farmers that grow these crops use better and more modern farming technologies, they have support from their own governments via subsidies and the most crucial of all, they own the lands they farm.

The exact opposite is the situation is found here in the Philippines so you shouldn’t wonder why farmers and peasants frequent our streets in protest rallies and marches. They mess up the traffic in the Metro not because they simply want to, it’s because they want us to stop with our own selfish existence for a moment, pull down the windshields of our SUVs and listen to their cries, they are the ones who farm and work the lands but they are the ones who are dying of starvation and could not afford to send their children to school.

Which brings me to the point why I mentioned something about the terms ‘Lasallite’ and Lasallian. We often hear the term ‘Lasallite’ from metro-based La Salle students, while we from Dasmarinas, Cavite prefer to use the term Lasallian. The difference is that the ‘Lasallite’ is someone who goes to a La Salle school, while the Lasallian, is someone who lives by the teachings of St. La Salle. Please refer to the Lasallian Guiding Principles for this as a further discussion would be given in another post.

The difference between the two terms were exbihited when the fiasco about the free Krispy Kreme donuts were given away;

A few minutes ago, we Lasallites from different La Salle schools were singing, clapping and joining hands boasting and basking under the banner or battle cry of “One La Salle” but in the face of free Krispy Kreme donuts, it was every Lasallite for himself!!!

But it’s all alright, because after all, we’ve just launched a Php1 Billion-scholarship fund so that more would be able to recieve a Lasallian education. Like I said before, it’s a great and noble cause, but I have bigger dream, that someday farmers would own the lands they farm and scholarships would be a thing of the past, because education would be affordable if not free for all.

I’m not saying that we teach our Filipino farmers to cultivate wheat, it’s stupid because it doesn’t grow in our tropical country. I also have nothing against Krispy Kreme or any other commercially-branded donuts, I love donuts. But if my cravings and fetishes are doing harm to my fellow countrymen then I’d stop or at least control it. So the next time there’s a Krispy Kreme or other branded donuts nearby, I’d help my self to them only if it is for free.

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  1. It's all good Jhay! It's Krispy Kreme we're talking about here..so that kind of behavior is excused. LOL

    What you did can called "Lasallian resourcefulness". Hehe 😀

  2. the other friday KK's commissary staff were working double time for 1,000 donuts that they would be giving for free. now i realize–they were for your function.

    there should have been a better way to handle the crowd, don't you think so?

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