If it’s not Matt Damon, it’s not Jason Bourne

So there’s a new Jason Bourne movie in the works – The Bourne Legacy. But it’s uncertain whether Matt Damon would be reprising his role as the bad-ass former CIA agent suffering from a terrible case of amnesia.

Seriously, should I do the 4th Bourne movie?

Seriously, no Matt Damon? Then it’s not Jason Bourne. And a different director? Not everyone is a fan of Paul Greengrass’ hand-held, shaky-cam style but how will this Jason Bourne movie turn out without those two essential people?

Sure Matt Damon may have aged but heck, Liam Neeson was able to kick ass in Taken so it shouldn’t be an issue with Matt right? Then again what else is there to tell about Jason Bourne? Wasn’t the fact that he was able to get vengeance on the folks behind the whole operations and figure out how it all started enough of a closure on his tale?

Edward Norton has been listed in the cast but it would just not feel right if he’s going to play Jason Bourne.

Until we get more information about the supposedly new movie then I’m hesitant to get excited nor warm about it. We just have to wait and see for now.

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  1. Oh man, Bourne is like one of the best action films of the past decade. I sure hope they don’t ruin the series. Matt Damon’s performance and Paul Greengrass’s style of directing made the movies great so it’s them or don’t bother. Funny how this is turning out to be like the books where the original trilogy has also been extended for more sequels. Although I’ve heard the books and movies don’t share the same stories now.

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    1. It was so good, Quantum of Solace took inspiration from the rooftop chase scenes from The Bourne Supremacy. I like Damon and Greengrass’ combination, they work on a great story brought to life with great action scenes that didn’t rely on CGI. This was also seen on their other film the Green Zone.

      The first three movies were not meant to bring the books to the big screen, but it was deconstructed by the screenwriter and distilled to focus on Jason Bourne’s quest for knowing his real identity. That’s why I’m on the hunt for the books themselves.

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  2. I like Matt Damon but I will never make the same mistake of watching any movie directed by Paul Greengrass. Bourne Identy 2 and 3, and Green Mile should be a lesson enough.

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