How’s my uMobile service?

I recently bought a Nokia 1200 as a spare phone and to use my other SIM cards from Smart and Globe. Oh and yes, my uMobile SIM card. Which I haven’t tried using with the Nokia 1200 because it would next to useless because I thought the MMS ads would not be delivered, I hardly know anyone who also has a uMobile SIM and the fear that the SIM card has already expired.

Speaking of the uMobile SIM card, I haven’t used it since it was delivered to me back in June 2008. Really had no use for it so it just sat there on my desk accumulating dust and nearly all but forgotten until today after reading this post from Yuga asking how the service has been so far for uMobile users.

uMobile SIMHere are my answers to his guide questions, so to speak,

Are you actively using the number?


How much free load are you getting and do you top it up yourself (via autoload or something)?

I got 100 so far. I haven’t used the SIM since June so I don’t know if the free monthly load has piled up or my account has expired.

Do you still have problems calling or sending SMS to other networks?

Yes, the last time I used it, none of the test SMS to my own Globe SIM ever arrived. I managed to connect a call but my I was inaudible using the uMobile SIM.

How much ads have you received so far and are you okay with these SMS ads?

None, even when I used the SIM with my K800i phone, which is the only MMS-capable phone I have.

How many people you know uses umobile too? How many people in your address book has the cell number prefix 0999?

Just 1. The number of my classmate whom I referred to signing up for a uMobile SIM and just last month, he told me that he hasn’t used his own uMobile SIM for a long time now.

Before Yuga blogged about this, I’ve been wondering what has happened to uMobile since their launch. Haven’t heard much from them since then, hopefully, things are not that bad for them.

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