How to use Gmail with Yahoo! Groups

We all know that Yahoo! Mail is still the most popular web mail service around and even though thousands us have made the switched to Gmail, there would still come a time that we would a Yahoo! Account for some of the services we sign up or use.

Among this is that classic mail-list service called Yahoo! Groups. Almost any group or organization has used this service for their group communication and mail-subscription needs.

College students and their professors are some of the most regular users of this and since most are still With Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups becomes the default choice for a group mailing list service.

Gmail users like me, fret not. For there is a way to bridge the gap and let us join any Yahoo! Group; send and receive messages to and from the group using our beloved Gmail accounts.

Here’s how.

  1. When you receive the invitation to join a Yahoo! Group, simply click on the join button and you’d be taken to the Yahoo! Sign-in page. This is where you would need your old Yahoo! account ID and password. Of course if you don’t you could always sign-up for a new one, just for the purpose of joining this Yahoo! Group.
  2. Once you’ve logged into Yahoo! Groups using your Yahoo! account, you’ll be taken to the Edit Membership page. In step 1, find “Email Address” section and below your Yahoo! email address, there’s a link that says “Add new email address“. Click on it and you’ll proceed to the third step.
  3. GmailandYGroup_1

  4. Once inside the ‘Add Email Address‘ page, enter the Gmail account you want to use with this Yahoo! Account and Group. Once you’ve completed the form, an verification email will be sent to the Gmail account you’ve just entered in.
  5. Enter your email address

  6. Login to your Gmail account, look for the verification email from Yahoo! and complete the verification process by simply clicking the link provided in there.
  7. Once you’ve verified the Gmail address, you would again be taken back into the ‘Edit Membership‘ page inside the Yahoo! Groups section. You would then see that your Gmail address is among the addresses you could with this Yahoo! Group. Click on that and complete the rest of the process.
  8. Your gmail address is now added

  9. If all goes well, and it should, you would see a confirmation page that says you’ve become a member of that Yahoo! Group and you’re still going to use your awesome Gmail account.

You’ve done it!

This same process could be used if you want to again change the email address you’re going to use with this or any other Yahoo! Group. It would also come in handy if you decide to leave the group for whatever reasons, (usually when the spam has infested the group!) or use a non-Gmail address.

All in all, this gives you the best of both worlds, Yahoo! Groups and your beloved Gmail account.

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  1. @ Jaydip Mehta: Yes you can. Once you've followed this steps, you'd be able to send and receive messages from Yahoo groups and from other Gmail users as well.

  2. There are people who are computer and internet challenge who needs step by step instructions. It is better for people like this to multiply like rabbits than having guys like jepoy grow everywhere like mushrooms! ugh

  3. One thing i've noticed is mail i send from my gmail account to a yahoo!group doesn't come back to me through the group list. It's strange. it goes out, cause i check on the yahoo!group site, and there it is.. and people respond to it, and THOSE messages come through just fine to my gmail… but ones i send, i never see. heh.. just a strange little quirk. anyone else have that happen?

    1. @keaven
      The same thing happens to the mails I sent to the Yahoo! Groups I'm a member and even an Admin of. I think it's just the way things are set because you're the one who sent the message so it would be redundant if it would be end up in your inbox too.

      But once a reply is made to your message, the whole conversation would be sent to your inbox.

  4. no, the gmail account (or other than yahoo) can only receive message from the group,

    we can only sent message using yahoo acount.

    or am I wrong ? did I miss something ?

    itll be great if we could post using other then yahoo account

    so we can do all from our email client.

  5. i am host owner to several yahoogroups,

    twice now, two individuals have not been able to sign on

    this last one is confirmed and listed as a member, but cannot post nor does she recieve posts, and i cannot find an answer to this anywhere. can you help me in this situation?


  6. Hi,

    I am not able to edit my membership as you have explained above and it says that i am below 13 yrs of age and hence cannot edit membership details. Thats because, i created a yahoo account for my company and gave the date of birth as Sep 1 2003 which is the day we started the company. And now it says, that since the account holder (which is my company) is below 13 yrs, the age cannot be edited and since age cannot be edited, the membership details also cannot be edited.

    Any help there?


    1. I think Yahoo! has put in place a mechanism to protect users who are below the legal age. It is suggested that you contact Yahoo! so that they could resolve this issue of yours.

      This is just a guide to help you use your Gmail account in joining a Yahoo! email group. Cheers!

  7. @Jhay:

    Hi Jhay, your screenshots are missing from this post. I’m trying to following you but they screens are missing.

    Could you please re-upload those images/fix it?

    p.s: Please notify me when you are done cos otherwise I won’t know when will you do it.

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