How to update Globe Tattoo Broadband Huawei USB Stick

When Globe rolled out the new generation of Globe Tattoo Broadband USB sticks that had the capability to make phone calls I was a bit ticked off because I just bought mine a month earlier.

I may rarely use my Globe Tattoo USB stick, like in places where there’s no WiFi and I really need to go online, having the ability to make calls from the USB dongle can be nifty feature when the need arises.

Fortunately, there’s a fix and it simply involves upgrading both the firmware and software of the Globe Tattoo Broadband USB Stick.

The first step is to identify what model is your Huawei USB Stick. You can find it printed on the back side of the USB stick:

The model of your USB stick is printed on the back

Then visit the Globe Tattoo Broadband’s “Tattoo upgrade” page on its website and download the appropriate firmware and software update for your particular model.

Once the download is complete, simply follow the directions below:

  1. Insert the Globe Tattoo stick into a vacant USB port.
  2. Download the firmware and software upgrade from the Globe Tattoo site. Save it on a folder on your PC (preferably the Desktop, so that you won’t have problems finding it)
  3. Double-click the file with “Update” first to launch the firmware upgrade wizard.
  4. Read through and accept the license agreement. Click “Next” to continue. The wizard will then search for the USB stick.
  5. Click “Next” on the succeeding dialog boxes, and click “Start” on the update wizard when it appears.
  6. Once the update process is complete, click “OK” and click “Finish.”
  7. Then go back to your downloaded files, this time double-click on the software upgrade file to launch software upgrade wizard. Follow steps 4 to 6.
  8. Go to My Computer, and double-click the Globe Broadband icon to install the new application software.
  9. Click “Yes” to uninstall the old application and re-install the new Globe Tattoo application software.

Once the update is complete, you can now rest assure that the USB stick will work properly with your PC and now you can make calls using your Globe Tattoo.

UPDATE: You can see a step-by-step visual guide of the firmware upgrade here, courtesy of Globe Tattoo.


Install the firmware update first. You can identify it through its file name which contains the model number of your Huawei USB stick followed by the word “Update” like in my case: “E1552Update_“.

Globe advises that the update be done using a PC that’s running on Windows XP because of some problems with Vista’s “reliability and stability”. However, I did the update on my laptop running Windows Vista Home Basic with Service Pack 2 and did not have any problems while updating my Huawei USB stick. So I suggest you update Vista with the latest updates from Microsoft to make it more stable and secure.

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  1. 04/24/2011 PLS HELP!! E155 Crashes when plugged in to Windows 7 ultimate (laptop)

    I have a Globe Tattoo HUAWEI model E155 driver installed in my laptop (OS Windows 7 Ultimate). It worked perfectly until I had someone configured the modem with Smart and Ultrasurf to have an unlimited web browsing..

    It worked for about a week. I had no issues with it until yesterday when I was trying to install an aplication, “Connectify” (
    I was able to download the application, clicked RUN and while installing it, I received an SMS thru my modem (Smart Buddy SIM) and all of a sudden, the display turned BLUE( says “crashing dump at the very bottom) and restarted my laptop..

    At first, I thought it was my OS that crashed but it didn’t do the problem after restarting it until I connected the USB again.
    Globe dashboard worked okay, detecting signal but when I click “CONNECT” it says:

    opening port
    all device connected
    then it CRASHES again…

    I did several troubleshooting steps:
    1. uninstalled Globe broadband and Connectify
    2. Restarted my laptop
    3. Reinstalled Globe Huawei
    4. Restarted
    5. Tried to connect but did the same problem..

    Please help!

  2. I had encounter problem with my laptop. I am using Windows ultimate 32bits genuine. When I started updating my OS, my PC was restarting without notice but when my Tattoo stick is connected, It does not restart.. I tried once to unplug the tattoo stick while the PC is running, immediately it restarts.. I have downloaded all the necessary updates for my OS.. I suspect that the culprit is with my tattoo stick.. I tried to scan it with antivirus, nothing was detected. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME WHAT TO DO? HOPE YOU CAN SAVE MY PC BEFORE ITS TOO LATE..

  3. good day..
    gusto q lang po malaman kung anu yung maaari kung gawin dahil yong Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband Stick ay hindi nkakapagregister sa unlimited surfing promos nito. On the other hand, nkakaconnect naman to sa internet gamit lamang yong 5 peso per 15 minutes…pls. help po..

  4. I have a globe tattoo stick manufactured by Huwaei but my computer can not detect it. It always brings out a message “Failed to install drivers”. I remember, one of my friends uninstall the ‘autorun’ from the pc. Does it affect ts performance? Was it the reason why my pc could not detect it? But sometimes if i carefully hold the stick right on its usb port, it’ll detect it, but later on cut me off from the internet. Help, what should i do?

  5. !!@#!#!$@!@$ …. i puverized my globe tattoo. speed that they are talking is just in the ads.. i reality it sucks! sucks! succccckkksss!!!! throw your tattoo and have a life, get a wired DSL or cable….

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