How to stop Globe’s G-live service

September last year, I blogged about Globe’s G-Live services which was launched at that time. I was worried that this new service would be used to spam consumers. After blogging about it, I moved on and did not even bothered to give it a try as to save my self from the potential spam. As the months have passed, users asking search engines on how to stop the G-live messages from appearing on one’s mobile phone were brought to that post. But since I did not actually experience using G-Live and eventually being annoyed by it, that post seemed to have lacked something what readers needed.

So in this post, I’ll go the extra mile of actually trying to know more about G-live, attempt to use it, and quickly unsubscribe from it because judging from Mia’s experience which she shared in the comments thread; G-live could be really annoying.

Although Marvin was quick to share how to stop G-live, I believe it would still be a fun and blog-worthy experiment of trying out G-live.

First, what is G-live?

According to the Globe Telecom’s website:

Globe G-Live is a SIM feature that allows you to receive unlimited news and public service announcements. Information simply appears in an unobtrusive manner on the phone screen and doesn’t even go to the inbox.

How to download using a symbian phone:

1. Go to myGlobe wap site

2. For 2G phones, go to What’s Hot! Click on G-Live to download the feature for FREE.

3. For 3G phones, make sure your phone is on GSM mode. Click on myGlobe2G and follow the 2G phone instructions.

4. To turn on the feature, go to phone Menu or My Own folder. Click on G-Live then select Activate.

Symbian phones compatible are: Nokia 3230, 3650/3600, 3660/3620, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 7610, 7650, N70 and N90.

From my understanding, it’s like Google Alerts but instead of recieving e-mail alerts containing the relevant information, you get a “unobtrosuive” message that displays on the screen of your mobile phone. Also from the information above, I had a hunch that my handset, the Sony Ericsson K800i, is not compatible with the G-live service because it needs an application that works on a symbian-based phone.

To prove this, I followed the above instructions and navigated my mobile browser to Globe’s wap site. Sure enough, I found the link to G-live via the Mobile Tools link. However, things came to a stand still when after I opened the link to G-live, the following message was displayed:

The G-Live application allows you to recieve non-intrusive messages on your favorite topics. The messages appear on your handset screen when the handset is idle.

Sorry. No content compatible with your phone for this category.

So there, the G-live application works only on Symbian phones, meaning just Nokia handsets. But is this the end of it all? Does this mean that thanks to my K800i, I’m immune from G-live and it’s annoying, spammy service?

Being the persistent techie, I called Globe’s Customer Service and asked the following questions: 1)Can I use the G-live service using the SE K800i? 2) How can I do use G-live? and the most important, 3) How can I stop recieving G-live alerts?

After putting me on hold for almost two minutes to check on my query, the friendly-sounding CSR agent told me that I can use the K800i with the G-live service. I don’t need to visit the Globe wap site but instead, I must simply use the Globe Services menu in my sim to activate the G-live service. Surprising really.

To activate the G-live service she told me to do the following:

Navigate to Globe Svcs+ (services) >>> G-live and then click Activate.

So I tried, in the K800i, the Globe Svcs+ menu can be found in the Entertainment submenu. Clicked on it and surprise and surprise once more! I can’t find the G-live option!

I browsed through each and every option under the Globe Svcs+ menu even patiently waiting for the additional options to be accessed by the SIM and still, the G-live option was no where to be found.

The explanation? My Globe sim is not G-live capable as I compared the sim’s casing with that of my other Globe sim card. The photo below explains says it all.

Globe Sims

So by accident, I am immune to G-live spam. LOL

Wrapping things up, you can stop Globe’s G-live service via the step below:

You can deactivate G-live by simply repeating the same process you used to activate it:
Globe Svcs+ >>> G-Live >>> Deactivate

Of course you need to have a G-Live capable Globe sim card.

Lastly, let’s be careful before subscribing to any service, read and understand what the service is and make sure there’s a way to unsubscribe from it.

7 Replies to “How to stop Globe’s G-live service”

  1. Hi… I have prepaid Globe service using an Xtreme Memory sim and I am subscribed to G-Live. This is on a low-end, non-Symbian SE phone (T630) that I have been using for my prepaid account for a long time now…

    I have no complaints about G-Live, though. I hate spam like hell. But I don't categorize G-Live as spam, or like those SMS alerts from 2346, etc.

    In fact, I even subscribed to G-Live with my postpaid service.

    I dunno… We all have our preferences…

  2. Good points dave. I did another try and I got G-live working on my SE K800i, it really needed a G-Live capable sim. Though I found no real use for it. 😉

    messages from 2346 are annoying. It's spam as long as one never opted to receive such alerts. Worse, they deduct credits from you for just receiving those darn messages.

  3. Globe does not deduct prepaid credits unless a subscriber initiates such requests. (ex. reply to one of their 4 digit access number, subscribe to a weekly/daily tone/wallpaper, etc.)

    As for G-Live, there are 2 types. One is Symbian based where you install an application to a compatible Series 60 phone. The G-Live Symbian program runs on the background and would display announcements, ads, etc. when your phone is idle or is currently displaying your default screensaver.

    The other one is dependent on the SIM card you're using. Newer SIMs from Globe are G-Live capable where ads would be displayed similar to flash messages that became popular during the Nokia 3310 days.

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  4. G-Live is not a spam.

    I have tried G-Live for a few months now.

    It's good and it's very informative. u will only be advised to charge if you download the full content.

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