How to stay healthy during the rainy days

It seems that the dry-spell here in the country is over. A tropical depression is growing near Bicol and tropical storm “Chedeng” continues to move steadily up north towards Taiwan. The good new is, dry-hot days are gone for now. Rains will be repleneshing rivers and lakes and hopefully the country’s power problems would not escalate further.

It may a welcomed cool relief but it is during this changing weathers that we succumb to common illnesses that if taken for granted would lead to more serious ailments that costs us money and time. Somethings we bloggers fear the most.

So how to stay healthy and sickness-free during this cold and rainy days?

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  • Bring an umbrella – or something to keep you dry. It may be cumbersome, bulky or not ‘fitting-in’ with your daily get up, but an umbrella, a cap, a jacket or even a raincoat will keep you warm, dry and less succeptible to common illnesses like colds and flu.
  • Eat well and healthy – stack up on your vitamins, minerals and energy. It will boost your immune system and keep those nasty micro-baddies at bay. You’ll neeed the extra energy to keep warm and alert because during these cold rainy days, our bodies tend to produce more heat to keep us well. Fresh fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, lemon and others rich in vitamin C will do the trick. Besides, they could even be cheaper and more fun to eat than those artificially-synthezised vitamin tablets and capsules.
  • Sleep plenty and rest well – Sleeping during this cold rainy nights is a wonderful thing to do. It encourages us to get some well deserved rest and sleep from work, travelling, studying and blogging. Just don’t oversleep that you’ll miss work or school. Don’t forget, a good sleep has always given us that much needed boost that we wake up refreshed and full of energy.
  • Bring a hanky or a towel – This comes handy when you leave behind your umbrella at home or somewhere else. More importantly, use it to wipe dry your hands after handling your wet often dirty umbrella especially before eating meals. Most of all, use it to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze. It’s not only polite, it’s hygienic.

    Tissue paper could also work, blow your nose in it instead of your cloth hanky. It’s much cleaner and safer. Just remember to throw them properly and buy those tissues that are made to be eco-friendly.

  • Wash your hands – It is one the most basic tenets of staying healthy but also one the most easily neglected by us. Hand sanitizers make this very convenient but be careful in what you buy, you may be allergic to a particular component of a particular variety. So please read what’s on the bottle first before lining up at the cashier.
  • Take a bath regularly – this goes hand to hand with hand washing. Do I need to elaborate on this? 😉
  • Visit the doc regularly – Rain or shine, we must give extra effort in staying healthy. Visit our doctors for regular checkups, not just when you get sick or seriously ill.

I hope this tips will help you in staying healthy. Stay safe everyone.

Oh and in case all else fails and you do get sick and you have a blog, ProBlogger Darren Rowse has some tips on what to do your blog when you get sick.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Darren!

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