How to speed up your transaction with Globe Customer Service

In all the 6 years I’ve been a Globe subscriber to their landline, broadband and mobile services, I’ve had tons of experience dealing with their customer support. This includes the agents who answer calls to their hotline, agents whom I’ve talked to in person at their Globe Business Centers and lately, the agents whom I’ve talked with over their online chat assist and their Twitter account.

The experience stems from the crappy services I’ve put up with them through the years, which have been amply documented on this blog. So by now, regardless of the medium, I’ve come to know their standard operating procedure when it comes to receiving complaints/reports from customers.

  • Ask for your Name, landline/mobile/Globe account number
  • Ask for your location/address
  • Verify your identity with questions pertaining to the information in your account. (eg. your date of birth and middle name)
  • Ask for your complaint/report

In my experience this process of identifying you the caller, the account owner and the location takes roughly around 2 to 3 minutes. Which can be crucial because often times, your call gets dropped especially if you’re calling from your mobile phone and during times when they receive massive calls from irate customers as well.

And when your call does get disconnected, it would be another tough labor of calling the hotline, dealing with the answering machine and waiting in queue. The entire ordeal can be really frustrating, to the point that you’d just give up and curse at Globe.

So, to speed things up. Prepare the following information beforehand, whenever you would call/chat/Twit Globe’s customer services:

  1. Introduce yourself with your full name. State immediately if you’re the account owner or not.
  2. Your landline/mobile number or Globe Account Number (This is found on your monthly bill)
  3. Your location/address

If the agent were paying attention to what you’ve just said/typed/Twitted, they’d give the customary thank you then proceed to verify your identity by asking for your middle name or date of birth. Afterwards, they would proceed to ask for the nature of your complaint/report.

In general, at the end of your conversation stating your complaint they will inform you of what action they’ve taken, most of the time, all they did was file a report about this and then forward it to the respective team/department. They will give you a reference number for your report.

Take note of this number. You will use this to follow up on your report if they haven’t done something to fix your problem after the standard 24-48 hours of waiting or turnaround time. Which happens 98% of the time. So you really need to follow up and that reference number they gave will help.

I think the same procedure is followed by the other telcos, so next the time you’d call up customer services, you’d be able to help them help you a little faster.

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