How to setup Globelines Dial-up Connection

Yesterday there was no electricity in our neighborhood because of routine maintenance on the local power lines. It’s a good thing that Meralco is taking active steps in preparing for more typhoons this year.

Nonetheless, this necessary inconvenience almost drove me nuts because I needed to send an email yesterday morning and I wanted to send it before going to school. My sister asked me why not bring my laptop to school and use the internet connection there instead? A good idea but I had no plans of bringing my laptop to school yesterday because there was really no need for it. Besides, the rainy weather increases the risk of something bad happening to my laptop during my trip to and from school.

So with my broadband modem and wi-fi router dead because of the power block out, I thought it was a good idea to try out Globelines’ dial-up service that now comes with most Globelines post-paid subscriptions. I didn’t plan on doing my usual web surfing routines because it’s a dial-up service and I was really not sure if the whole thing would work. It’s Globelines after all. 😉

I called up their Internet Technical support group via the Globelines customer support number and asked for instructions on how to set-up and configure the dialer for their dial-up service. The procedure is the same as with using the most dial-up internet prepaid cards like those from Pacific Internet etc.

Just open up the New Connecion Wizard from Control Panel > Network Connections and follow this steps:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Setup my connection manually
  3. Connect using a dial-up modem
  4. Choose your dial-up modem (if you have more than one installed on your PC)
  5. Enter “GLOBE” as your ISP name
  6. Enter “18009080000” as the phone number
  7. Enter “globe” as the username
  8. Leave the password blank because you don’t need one
  9. You could choose to place a shortcut on the desktop for this connection or not
  10. Hit Finish and then you’re ready to use Globelines Dial-up service

To illustrate, here’s a screencast I’ve prepared to guide you:

Once you’ve successfully connected, you’ll be charged Php0.33 cents per minute. Assuming that you do get connected because I was not able to. Globelines’ dial-up servers were busy yesterday I gave up after my 5th attempt to connect.

So much for a backup connection when your Globelines Broadband is unavailable right? For those who were managed to get connected, how are the speeds? Care to share your story?

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