How to blog & post photos to Multiply via MMS has recently rolled out its “Post via MMS” service to Philippine users.
It is powered by ABS-CBN Interactive and at the moment, is limited to only SMART and SUN subscribers. They said that they’re working hard to partner with other local telcos, Globe namely.

To blog & post photos to Multiply via MMS, simply follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to activate your phone by entering your phone number on Multiply’s Post Via Mobile setup page.
  2. Once your phone is activated, go back to the same setup page above, and now you can set the default access for posts sent by your phone. Check here for more info on the different access settings you can choose.
  3. Now you can post photos or blogs on your Multiply site simply by sending a message to 2295.
  4. To post a photo, simply select the photo(s) on your phone that you want to post, then choose Options and then Send via MMS. If you want the photo posted as an album on Multiply, add PHOTO as the first word of your subject. If you want the photo posted as a blog on Multiply, add BLOG as the first word of the subject. Any other text you add to the subject will be used as the title of the post. Any text you include in the body with the photo will be used as a caption.
  5. To post a blog without a photo, just type the text you want posted and send. It is not necessary to include a key word in your subject.

Standard MMS rates or network charges will be applied. I can’t try out the service yet because I’m a Globe subscriber, but I’m sure my friends who belong to the other network would find this service quite useful.

Do check out my Multiply site and you’re welcome to add me as a contact.

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